Thursday, June 22, 2017

Region 9 Super region first day Hobbs 2017

Region 9 First day TAT of 3 hrs. Start B Tatum-5 miles, Littlefield-25 miles, Seagraves-20 miles, Lovington-1 mile Hobbs finish. Good weather major chance thunder storms tonight, worst than we got around 11 pm last night. 

Thursday 06/22 0% / 0 in
Sunny. Near record high temperatures. High 104F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

 DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.27,-102.73 (288,147)
 Jun 22 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd      6h     9h  ForecastPd 
         W*     494    656  W*         
Sfc.Heating     409    345  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit    6482  12127  Hcrit      
   BL Depth    4020  11154  BL Depth   
     BL Top    7684  14818  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.    1996   5026  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio       9     27  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind      10      4  BL Wind    
  Direction     255    303  Direction  
 Wind Shear      13     19  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg       1      2  Max.Converg
      CUpot   -3652   1508  CUpot      
     CUbase   11337  13311  CUbase     
      ODpot   -6343  -1972  ODpot      
     ODbase   14027  16790  ODbase     
      maxRH      46     58  maxRH      
       CAPE     329    919  CAPE       
    Temp@2m    92.9  100.6  Temp@2m    

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1st Contest Day USA Club Class Nationals 2017

A lot of talk at task committee meeting but Plan A called is AT of 226 miles. Start B, Crossroads, Andrews, Lovington,  Hobbs finish. Plan B knick off Lovington. Weather brief was 12,000 msl  ish cloud bases, real good soaring Hobbs area within 50 or so ish miles Hobbs.  I didn't do pilots meeting. 

Grid 12 noon, first launch 12:15. Day should last till 7 pm but weaker after 5:30 or so.

Tuesday 06/20 0% / 0 in
Some clouds this morning will give way to generally sunny skies for the afternoon. High 97F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.01,-102.94 (286,144)
 Jun 20 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd      6h     9h  ForecastPd 
         W*     608    631  W*         
Sfc.Heating     405    369  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit    9308  10669  Hcrit      
   BL Depth    7580   9322  BL Depth   
     BL Top   11238  12980  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.    1682   3719  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio      20     23  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind       5      5  BL Wind    
  Direction     157    117  Direction  
 Wind Shear       6     18  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg      -2      3  Max.Converg
      CUpot    2258   1594  CUpot      
     CUbase    8981  11386  CUbase     
      ODpot   -2122  -1374  ODpot      
     ODbase   13360  14354  ODbase     
      maxRH      81     72  maxRH      
       CAPE    2253   1645  CAPE       
    Temp@2m    90.3     96  Temp@2m 

Best #711.

Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 USA Club Class 2nd practice day 6/19/17

 Task committee met at 9 am with a phone brief by weatherman. Task called is on the SSA website thru remote scorer. 10 am pilots meeting with slide show which CD put together(stayed up till 4 am doing this) went good. 12 noon pilot meeting called when task sheets will be passed out.

Monday 06/19 0% / 0 in
Cloudy skies early, followed by partial clearing. High 89F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

Center of task area.
DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.53,-102.98 (286,149)
 Jun 19 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd      6h     9h  ForecastPd 
         W*     311    532  W*         
Sfc.Heating     187    401  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit    5067   7593  Hcrit      
   BL Depth    2200   5147  BL Depth   
     BL Top    6095   9043  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.    1840    981  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio       6      9  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind       9     10  BL Wind    
  Direction     084    099  Direction  
 Wind Shear       3      5  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg       3     -5  Max.Converg
      CUpot     598   2240  CUpot      
     CUbase    5497   6803  CUbase     
      ODpot   -1311     -8  ODpot      
     ODbase    7406   9051  ODbase     
      maxRH      98     88  maxRH      
       CAPE    1775   3428  CAPE       
    Temp@2m    76.5   84.7  Temp@2m    

Below are random pics from the morning meeting with the last several added weather from our briefing. 

 John Seaborn A8 and below added pics before launch. HA reported 6.5 kt climb right after release and CD started the launch at 13:15. Task opened 14:15 ish. Still a 3 hr. TAT. Task on SSA website or SSA tracker/Glideport.Aero.

Maybe more pics from the grid and day later toward evening. Enjoy.

Best. #711.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

USA Club Class Nationals 1st Practice day 6/18/17

Cancelled. This happened because nothing was found at the party that had any entertainment value.
 Mostly Cloudy
Wind Chill:79°Ceiling:2900
Heat Index:81°Visibility:10mi
Dew Point:60°Wind:19mph
Raw METAR from closest station (KHOB):KHOB 181850Z 02018G24KT 10SM BKN029 27/16 A3000

 DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 32.72,-103.17 (284,142)
 Jun 18 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd      6h     9h  ForecastPd 
         W*     282    288  W*         
Sfc.Heating     114    133  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit    4974   4894  Hcrit      
   BL Depth    2700   2457  BL Depth   
     BL Top    6398   6155  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.     624    418  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio       2      3  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind      25     20  BL Wind    
  Direction     033    031  Direction  
 Wind Shear       8      3  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg      -2     -3  Max.Converg
      CUpot    1452    585  CUpot      
     CUbase    4946   5571  CUbase     
      ODpot     809  -7906  ODpot      
     ODbase    5589  14061  ODbase     
      maxRH      99     99  maxRH      
       CAPE     629      4  CAPE       
    Temp@2m    71.4   70.1  Temp@2m 

Pilots meeting below was well attended. CD gave a good, well, very good briefing including weather. Day cancelled as most, well, everyone understood. Tomorrow, Monday, we most likely will fly. 


LS 1F " HA" going together as we are using the hanger for weighing today. 

In the above picture, left side on top of sheepskin,  new total energy probe covers have just come in to Wings and Wheels. Look really nice to keep your probe in.

All together so let's check the weight. Handicap will be adjusted according for all cub class gliders.

Not all are here yet.

Tomorrow afternoon, Lovington area  below.

DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.00,-103.40 (283,145)
 Jun 19 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd     30h    33h  ForecastPd 
         W*     492    506  W*         
Sfc.Heating     408    380  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit    6781   7285  Hcrit      
   BL Depth    3978   4653  BL Depth   
     BL Top    7974   8649  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.     393    520  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio      10     11  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind       9      8  BL Wind    
  Direction     057    083  Direction  
 Wind Shear       2     11  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg       3      3  Max.Converg
      CUpot   -1384  -1263  CUpot      
     CUbase    9359   9912  CUbase     
      ODpot   -6284  -5564  ODpot      
     ODbase   14258  14213  ODbase     
      maxRH      72     67  maxRH      
       CAPE       0    238  CAPE       
    Temp@2m    81.6   85.5  Temp@2m    

Best. #711.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pre Club Class Nationals and Region 9 Friday 6/16/17

After Region 5 Perry I headed back to Alamogordo. Weather has not been user friendly but have had several good flights. So a few days ago I decided to head over to Hobbs a few days early as am flying the Region 9 FAI class contest.  Was thinking that McAdams park might fill up(had only 3 campers here when I pulled in) and the ramp space  could be getting crowded. Hmmmm.........about that ramp the pic....make it big.

This is looking SE. That's Steve doing tow ropes. It's 3 pmish.

 The above is looking North West ish.

 Yes, my trailer and  Goldwing. Nice CU's looking North ish.

Build up looking South. Notice the ramp and grid, it's already been prepped and blown clean.

Sam and Penny Giltner, 5U, are here. Sam's helping Steve do tow ropes. A tow plane might show up from TSA around noon ish tomorrow. Hope so, it looks like a great day. 5U is a motor glider, so he is planning on flying. No bugs....nor  rain....maybe windy in a few days. Tomorrow is hotter than today. Today we have a heat alert only for But it's dry heat...Yada Yada Doooo.

 Looks like we have 44 total between the Club Class and Regional. We have 4 tow planes and a chance for a fifth. I have become the O2 guy as the O2 tanks just were delivered and plumbing has been reinstalled.

Tomorrow's forecast below.....Hobbs is going BIG and  seriously me needs a tow!..........I'll post some more pictures and day's events as long as my friend "The Helium" can control that mad leprechaun.

DrJack ( miniBLIPSPOT
        Lat,Lon= 33.10,-103.41 (283,145)
 Jun 17 - NAM
 VALID.TIME     18z    21z  VALID.TIME 
 ForecastPd     24h    27h  ForecastPd 
         W*     730    729  W*         
Sfc.Heating     311    294  Sfc.Heating
      Hcrit   16777  17465  Hcrit      
   BL Depth   16480  17372  BL Depth   
     BL Top   20476  21368  BL Top     
Hgt.Variab.    1856   2006  Hgt.Variab.
  B/S Ratio      16     14  B/S Ratio  
    BL Wind       8      9  BL Wind    
  Direction     306    282  Direction  
 Wind Shear      10      2  Wind Shear 
Max.Converg      -5      3  Max.Converg
      CUpot     364   -351  CUpot      
     CUbase   20113  21720  CUbase     
      ODpot   -4790  -4828  ODpot      
     ODbase   25266  26196  ODbase     
      maxRH      48     45  maxRH      
       CAPE       0      0  CAPE       
    Temp@2m   102.3  105.1  Temp@2m    

Best. Tom #711. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sailplane Grand Prix v SSA contest views

Ok, now having flown both, I am going to add some views. First, both are contests and should be thought of in that way. Both deal with points and do differ. In the SGP, if you finish say 8th for the day and say come in 2 mph slower, you only get 2 points, a lost of 8 points which can be difficult to over come when flying against a group of top folks. In a SSA contest, you can come in 8th for the day, 2 mph slower and still be in the hunt for the top spot(winners speed say 75 mph v 8th of 73 ='s his 1,000 v  your 973 speed points). So, you can take a hard hit for not staying with the gaggle of the SGP v more of a test of skill with the SSA contest which allows you to start when you choose, etc.

Now, about the start. SSA contest use a start cylinder which allows for climbs out the top. The SPG uses a start line with a max start height and a strictly enforced crossing speed limit. If you cross early you can not turn back towards the start line but must go around outside the width of the line then cross again. This stops traffic from dangerous head on traffic congestion. SSA contest starts  allow us to come back into the cylinder towards traffic which is heading out on course. Also, the speed limit isn't as strictly enforced as in the SPG. The SPG uses ground speed, so if your starting with a tail wind condition, you need to really watch your speed. I now favor the start line with a max height/ground speed limit and the clear way after you cross and head towards the first turn. I could point out numerous points on the SSA start cylinder being dysfunctional, but will leave that to a later date.

On turn points. Many years ago, after GPS now being being used to define turn points the SSA contest increased the radius to promote a safer area for us to turn in. This resulted in a small turn area task. Distance is measured to where you turn in this turn area. Now, we have folks who turn early, go to the back, left or right in this small turn area. Simply put, we  have a intersection without traffic controls with some spinning (malingering) right in the middle. The SPG uses a small turn point diameter(.3 mile). All entrant distances are meaasured to the TP, so as soon as you get one fix in the TP area, you simply turn and clear the TP area and headed towards the next TP. Traffic clears the intersection, no malingering. Also, seeing the flow in and out is easier to spot, at least it was for me.

I am not a gaggle groupie. This whatever idea of racing with the flock when flying with the lead Canadian  just isn't my idea of any test of skill. But we also see this when at a SSA contest, so my bag of feathers shall increase in size with that statement. But my goose down comforter needs refilling. That's sarcastic humor to lighten up this read. Suck it up.... cup cake.

On the finish. The SPG uses a finish line with a steering turn about 5 miles out from the line. Also, a call about 30 K from the steering TP is asked for. Good heads up for safety The  min. finish height is also a hard deck from the steering TP inbound. If you go below it, a server penalty with be applied.
No hard pull ups to get across the line. SSA contest finish cylinder allows hard pull ups to get into the cylinder, traffic comes from different directions and most SSA contest's don't use steering turns. I favor steering turns with the smaller dia. TP. Gets everyone lined up, no hard pull ups, and the steering turn is cleared quickly as all entrant distances are to the center turn point. Intersection gets cleared quick.

On the SPG task, you really need to focus because of the gaggle flying. Sometimes gliders get extremely close to each other with the possibility of whatever might happen. SSA contests are the same canopy, so that's a push.

I was asked which one I liked more while in Perry. Well, each are challenging and enjoyable. Both are a good test of skill/judgement and all should be remembered as a no money won event. Meaning safety should never be compromised.

Will I do the SPG again?  The  CM, CD and Seminole_Lakes glider folks put on a great show. Sure, if it fits in my retirement plan.
Will I do a SSA contest again........sure......if it fits in my retirement plan.

But I can say many years ago while in Hobbs, a good friend said he may not be able to win anymore, but he can still enjoy the atmosphere and friendships. Me thinks some of the folks at Perry forgot this and got into the CD;s nest. See after 5 years of being CD, Richard, who never took one cent, paid for everything himself and much much more, retired from the CD spot. Yep, some got into his nest and IMHO was not called for. Period on that.   Folks, some of you forgot this is fun..........worse is some of you forgot what ya said at other contests about this being for fun. Suck it up cup cake!

Best. #711.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday 4/18/17 evening report.

Ok, you just might be a red neck if you go to the Doctor and he asks whats wrong? You state "I swallowed a ice cube 3 days ago and it still hasn't come da dew. Or you might be a red neck if you slip and fall but manange to save your beer.

We didn't fly today. Right now  headed our way is thunder, lighting, rain and winds. Tomorrow more of the same. Most are in the box. Yesterday, simply put, the 18 Meter class winner smoked everyone in all classes. Scores are up along with reports on the SSA website.

Another note. We have this area of NDA ( National defense airspace) AKien that goes from ground to 2,000 AGL and simply requests pilots not to fly over or through it. Well, a major alert happened yesterday as white drones were seen by the security folks watching over the site. Then they learned the white drones were gliders and then finally asked the CD through a friend to call them. Well, it got pretty good on the phone as a 4 or 5 way called happened. Yep, all the government folks did confirm that all gliders did over fly the area and none were ever below 2,000 agl. Hmmm... Ok, now they wanted all the contest glider N numbers but when asked why as since they already stated none were in the area below 2,000 agl it just got quiet on the phone. But the best one liner came when one government worker asked what a "sectional chart was" da dew.

Asked about the weather for tomorrow and the CD responds "Tomorrow is Wednesday".  The cub house got a new sink, first one in 12 years or so. Time for dinner.

Best. #711.