Monday, December 31, 2007

Flutter and FL 180

VFR flight ends at 17,999 ft. FL180 and above is PCA. When climbing or decending thur FL180, the altimeter is reset to what is required by the FARS. With a hair sitter on your jumpseat, before climbing thur FL180, you should be resetting your altimeter to 29.92 and have 29.92 in that box before the needles point to FL180. When assigned an altitude during IFR flight, during cruise at that altitude, your altitude may vary by up to 300 ft. before an ATC controller is required to report the violation. Controllers are friendly and will call you when they see a smaller difference. Remember for IFR flight in controlled airspace, instruments need to be checked within certain time frames.
At 500 ft. plus or minus the assigned cruise altitude, the report is done by the computer. When the computer does its report, it can't be turned around, until the authorities deem what the verdic shall be. In this case, a NASA report should of been filled out. Also, when you land, ground will call you, give you an number, and they ask you to call the ATC center. A logbook write up for a malfunctioning electric altimeter might be considered an appropreiate entry. Filling out a NASA report, on your part, is a good idea. No biggie, and no one will show up with leg irons and haul you away. Several hundred feet above FL180, most likely didn't even show up on their radar (high altitude sector).
Flutter limits for sailplanes are set by True Airspeed. I have an AS glider. At 16,500 ft. its 133 kts IAS VNE. At sea level its 154 kts IAS VNE. A placard by the A/S indicator is required for high altitude flight, which AS considers above 10,000 MSL. A design flutter speed test to 173 kts. has been done. If you happen to forget, and do 154 mph indicated at high altitude, the design flutter limit of 173 kts will not be compromised.
Last summer, out of Ely, I was cruising at 17,500 or so. Going SW bound, under a street, south of Eureka, its on the OLC, now that was a ride for all of mankind.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My blog, my thoughts......on 08 proposed rules

As many of us have been reading the proposed rule changes for 2008, may I remind those that either agree or don't agree, or whatever, to give their director input to their thoughts. Send an email to them. SSA website has their email addresses. Even the rules committe asks for your inputs on these proposed changes. Trust me, they want your thoughts.
Let me say that a contest is not required to go to Parowan and enjoy the soaring it has to offer. Many go before and after a contest is held, and since only 3 contests so far have been put on their, none of them have ever been full. That's right, even last year, we came up with 49 entrants (even JJ got in) and on the first contest day, I asked the USAF academy if they would like to move a cadet into an entrant slot. Boy, that made that young man happy and he even made sure we spelled his name right.
My personal thoughts on super regionals are we should not just target one or 2 sites. Regionals have always been that, for in region folks first. No matter where they are held. Alot, if not, all regionals, do target new comers, which our sport does need. Regionals are designed for choosing regional winners and encourageing newcomers. Saying one site is safer than another is hog wash and really pulls my string. You say what??? I say Caprock, go land out their, west of Tatum, or southwest of Hobbs. Warner Springs, I say, I know one very good contest pilot, who fly's out of Ely, does 1,000 k flights, and at Warner Springs, he and I, ya, me, at their regional had a very hard time breaking the string on the first day and getting away. Heck, theirs an area NW of Perry that will pull your string, and when I was an advisor their several years ago, a top pilot, whos a director, came up and chewed on me for sending us in that direction. I said Charlie did it..........yep. Mifflin, New Castle, Montaque, man, give me a break. Minden hasn't filled in years, Ely goes empty. Parowan can hold 60 now. 07 we had 58, Everybody worked with each other, it was good. Look on RAS, the racers even were happy.
What we do need, is what we have been doing, offering the new folks mentors, and morning racing camps, teaching them and watching them grow in our sport. Should we lock these new folks out of a regional where they live, soar in and are problay adding more to than we are??............ God, I hope not.......

Sunday, December 16, 2007

FAI GP NZ Link Tim's daily blog on the NZ GP.

24.12.07 - Day 5
5.23 - Peter Harvey crosses the finish line first today, with Kawa closely behind which give him the points to claim the title of World GP Gliding Champion. Congratulations Sebastian Kawa from Poland. Second place on the final leaderboard is tied between Uli Schwenk (GER) and Ben Flewett (NZE).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Regional contests dates, so far for 08

Region 12 will be at Warner Springs, CA. Confirmed dates are April 21, 2008, Monday thur April 26, 2008, which is a Saturday.
Email G. Willat
Web page
Region 5 North, Perry, SC, April 19-26, 2008. Confirmed
Region 5 South, Cordele, GA, May 10-17, 2008 to be held with the Standard Class Nationals May 13-22, 2008. Confirmed. Web page
I have heard that plans are being made for a Region 9 Parowan. I am NOT involved in this contest and do not have anymore information.
Just me thinking, Region 4S, New Castle, Sept. 2008.
Heard of a Fredricksburg, TX Region 10 for 2008. Don't have any idea on dates yet. But considering Uvalde, TX is having the 15 Meter Nationals and Open Class Nationals Aug. 5-15, do think it wouldn't be held during that time frame.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Flying with style

This is the Region 12 award for 2006 for the fastest handicapped speed on a called task. The shear line was working out of Warner Springs, CA. and I averaged over 98 mph for the day. Cloud bases were close to 17,000 ft and it still is hard to believe that such conditions can be found so close to sooo much water. The Willat family of Warner Sprngs gliders hosted the Region 12 contest for 2006 and this award has been appraised at over USD 75,000.00.
Its of an SHK and the picture does not do it justice. The workmanship and detail is really something to experience. It stays in the office at Warner Springs and if your close by, drop in to say "Hi" and see it. Click the pic to enlarge.

ASG 29 speed secerets uncovered.........

Why does the ASG 29 goe so fast? Well, at the USA 18 Meter & Open Class Nationals at Albert Lea 07, certain members of the contest group found morning prayer meetings were going on undercover of 7T.
Later, a young US Team pilot, confessed of starting this new ministry. No names here, but, at the SSA convention, ABQ 08, he will be giving lecture's on how to fly faster.

Tis the Season

Shortly will be heading to Seminole for some precontest practice for the upcoming 2008 Senior Nationals in March. Looking at the Seminole gliders website, it appears again the field will be full, with past World, National, Regional champions and a great group of racers and folks.
I have started this blog in place of doing reports on RAS. I will post this blogspot on RAS giving directions to see what I report here.
Should be in Seminole first part of 2008.

Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe # 711 reporting.