Sunday, January 6, 2008

Help please/ pledges/sponsers WE HAVE TEN (10) PLEDGES
As many of you know, the World Championships are this Aug. 08 in Germany. I am looking for sponsors which will pledge 1 cent for every mile I fly from Feb. 08 to Jun 08. I will match every 1 cent with 1 cent of my own, for each pledge. My flights will be on the OLC, and that will record the distance flown. Max. mileage flown will be 7500 Statue miles within this time frame.

I have 10 sponsorship/pledge spots available. As an example, if I fly 5000 Sm, your pledge will be for $50.00 and I will match it with $50.00. You may take one or more.

You will then send your pledge to me, Jul 1st, 2008 and I will send a personal check to this party. A plaque also be sent, the cost of which I shall pay for and displayed with your name, showing of your support. The location of where it will be displayed shall be shared at a later date.

I am hoping to make this a surprize, and as many of you know me, it will be done. After your pledge/sponsership, I will disclose to you, in confidence, who it is for. The euro's very high so its a way we can show our support and it does go towards a good purpose. My email is at the top of the page. I will answer all emails sent to me.

I do thank you, I know they will.

Best regards, Tom Kelley # 711 USA.