Friday, March 14, 2008

Best bang for your buck

Well, today we sit in Seminole, as it rains. Tomorrow shows winds, but the changes are happening so fast, we could fly. Today, at the morning pilots meeting, John Seaborn, A8, who sat in the back seat with KS on Thursday, told us about how he has kept notes since 1994 on what to do and not to do.
Back in '94 he wrote down what not to do and that was to try and follow KS out on course. Today, he reported, it is possible to follow KS out on course, as long as your sitting in the back seat of KS's Duo. They won the day.
On another note. The US Team is selling tickets at $25 bucks per ticket for a "Clear Nav". I have seen it, and I will say this is your chance for the best bang your spent dollars will ever bring you. All sales go to the US Team fund and folks, its this simple, with the euro so high, our team needs some extra bucks. Remember, just take one less drive to the drive-thur hamburger place, take a walk instead, and take a chance and get a ticket. The SSA website is selling the tickets.
I do believe what I am seeing here with Chip "CG" and Mark "7K" team flying, is what we have needed along time ago, simply practice. They are posting their scores and you can now see how effective they are with being able to work with each other.
I know, I am banging on this US Team fund, but this year, you get a real chance to win something that will really update your panel and help out the team. Trust me on this, I do think the winning ticket has NOT been bought yet, yep, so get on over to the SSA website and try your luck.
If you win, just let me know you got the idea from this blog, and what I'll do is whenever we meet, sometime, somewhere, I'll get ya a 6 pack of brewsters. Now, thats a bang for your buck, for sure.