Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rest Day news and views R5N Perry

Today, Tuesday, was called off because of a upper level low spinning off the Carolinas bring us low, solid cloud cover. We did grid, and our CD called a 12 noon meeting on the grid to talk about maybes or what ifs. The satelite picture really did tell the story and won with the day called at 1 pm. A few tried local soaring, some simply fell out and landed shortly after release.
The top picture is sunset this evening and the bottom is of Skip Pate, P8, who is an advisor, and of his 2 lovely daughters. Skip flys for US Airways, and is base manager in CLT.
The rest of the week looks good as the low is moving out of the area and all the racers are ready to go. Theirs a shoot out going on in all the classes and if you go to the SSA website you will see what I mean. Yesterday, we did have some landouts, but good news was no damage.
We do have 8 new folks who are at their first regional event and this is good. All have top mentors and get daily briefings. UH, Hank Nixon, even heald a class for the new guys and spent several hours going over racing ideas and things to think about.
Remember, coming to a National, such as Mifflin, which is hosting the 18 Meter Nationals, is experience which shouldn't be pasted up. Even if you don't have an 18 Meter ship, you will still gain racing experience in the area and trust me on this, you have a chance to win if you come. Staying home won't get you on the score sheet, and that a fact. XX himself took 10 years to win a National, so Mifflin still has slots available. Its a top site, and one really great ridge day will hook you, for sure, for the remainder of your racing career. So, jump in and give KS an email while some slots are still available.