Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Region 5N Perry 4-19-08

Today, Saturday, 45 pilots have registered for the Region 5N contest so far. More are on the field, including some that are on the standyby list. Today, some weather that is unfriendly towards us, is moving threw the area. But for the contest period, it looks really good and tomorrow, Sunday, will be a practice day.
This last week ,we had one stellar day. 8H, owned by Al Tyler, led the way with a 595 K. flight on this last Tuesday. Its on the OLC, including flights by SZ, TO, and 711. The day was filled with hard bottom cues with bases over 8500 msl. 8H reported way above Spartenburg that he had not only reached the mountains, but had climbed to 10,000 msl. 711 reported thermals were climbable below 600 agl as he barely got out of the airport area without a relight. On course all had a great time, with no difficult areas.
Sunday, looks like a good day, and the grid should be full for the practice day. I will try and do a post and let you know before hand how things went. Remember the SSA website as the place to go and see scores and writeups of the contest.