Wednesday, May 21, 2008

18 Meter Nationals Rain day May 21, 2008

Well, we put them together, rolled them out for a 1 pm grid. Then mother nature changed her mind and then we pushed them back, dumped our water and got them in the box. Its really windy now, rain showers are passing and the worst stuff isn't here .......yet.

What I have seen so far on the view side of this blog.

Bill Elliot is flying extremely well. Making good judgements are primarily the reason he's in first. Also, fellow racers, he reads the rules and knows what he can and cannot do. Also, this past winter, Bill has been studing numerious articles, which has helped his contest flying. Maybe to put it in the best light, his desire to win has made him explore all avenues to make him a better competition pilot.

I have seen some posts on the JS1 sailplane here at Mifflin. I do think its best to remember, that the V2CX and V2CXT, along with the ASG 29 and the JS1, have all won one day, as we have had 4 days. The fastest speed posted was 133 mph by P7 flying a ASG 29. The verdit from this reporter is I haven't flown with the JS1, but do believe all the current generation 18 Meter ships are very close together in climb and glide. My fellow racers I spoke with all shared the same feelings. The workmanship and quality of the JS1 is of the same level as the current 18 Meter ships, which is outstanding.

What I have seen is the current 18 Meter ships out climb the 15 Meter ships when carrying full ballast ( I weighted 1275 lbs, which is 50 pds below max gross) and we can slowly catch and pass the 15's on the ridge. On one ridge day as I passed UH, my gear dropped several times, which was not done on purpose, as turbulence caused it. But UH did bring it up several times, all in fun, as I blew by him. On all days here, the newer 18's did show that without climb, you get no glide.

I also think our rules committee should consider giving maybe a small 3 percent kick to the 15 Meter crowd to encourage them to attended the 18 Meter Nationals and for regional contests a 4 percent kick to their speed to keep our regional contests better attended. Just my 2 cents, but the score sheet here in Mifflin supports this. As costs rise for all of us, we need to do what we can now, to continue to seed our contests, so our contests have a chance to "break even" on costs.

Well, its pouring rain now, the day has been cancelled several hours ago and my thinking is that "The lady has sung her last song, turn out the lights, the contest is over." As folks are leaving now, it maybe a bit early, as we do have one day left, but our current leader could very well have his first 18 Meter National Championship in the bag.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday May 11,08 Mifflin CLICK the pics.......

Corey Sullivan, yes, we do have young pilots, he's 18 ladies, and flying a V2BX
His office.............
another of where he works...........ha...........
KS, and some of the grid folks............. MD is what Corey's flying, KS running the wing........

Sunday May 11,08 Mifflin practice

P7 US Team member Gary Itner and his ASG 29

1st practice day..P7 Ittner, Gary ASG-29 1 719 133.60 378.94

Thats ....133.6 mph ....distance 378.94 st. mi .....11 turn mat 1st place.

His office..........
Charlie "lite" working and holding P7 wing
P7 on the roll..........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

CLICK the pics.... Mifflin 08

Electric taking off................ CLICK the PICS and they get BIG

prepractice staging

Just north from the airport where the Antares took electric, running water........or computers..........

and more pics 18 Meters Mifflin

UH getting taped...............

UH new tips........just adding a bit to a 27................

more pics 18 Meter Nationals prepractice

8H...Al Tylers ASG 29......
His nickname by someothers, other than me, "OLC slut"..........

Hmmmmmmmm......whats UH got going on??????
UH has added something new to his ASW 27.........look at the tip it a bug collector or will it really work? Is this a 27 with 2cx enveeeeeee???

18 Meter Nationals Mifflin 2008

Butch, towpilot Mifflin and his Husky
SZ, Sam pushing out...........
W3 on the roll.......Tim Wells

Saturday afternoon, the sun appears and prepractice launching begins. Many smiles as its looking to be a good day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

80 degree's & summer's coming

This will me..............