Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 Lusse race reports

Refreshments delivered on Time

At 32 ° the arrival of those dark thunder clouds, which have formed within the last half hour is most welcomed. A few kilometers further on the rain is pooring down just for a few minutes - enough to cool down the earth to comfortable 24 ° - with little steam clouds rising everywhere.
Talking to "US Ground Control"

Team Captain Sam Zimmerman is fully established in Luesse. The entire US crew has already arrived with most of them up in the air enjoying this hot sunny day. Doug Jacobs had just picked up his new Ventus 2aX "DJ" from Schempp. Tilo Holighaus lent the very first serial No. 1 Ventus 2 to Gary Ittner, who will be flying in the 15m Class. Heinz Weissenbuehler had his Nimbus 4T shipped from New York State. And Karl Striedek flies Gerhard Waibel's ASW27. Garret Willat managed to get an ASH25 from the Netherlands. Quite an internation glider collection!

Bustling activities all over the place. Trailors coming from everywhere. Tents being put up, helpers busy getting everything into place. Those, who have already installed themselves are enjoying a hot summer day - 32 ° with the first cumuli setting in at noon. Take a look at our pictures. They show what's happening here.