Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Godspeed" to the Willat family

and to the US Team in Lusse, Germany during the 2008 World Soaring Championships. The above named individuals pledged support for Garret and his family in their travels to Lusse, Germany.

This plaque will be on display at the Warner Springs Gliderport office.

I thank everyone for their support and during my flights to get the mileage pledges, I do have a few memories to add to my soaring adventures.

Also, many "kudos", to the all the folks at Seminole Lake Gliderport, Perry International airport, Mifflin airport, Alamogordo airport and Parowan airport who helped tow and launch 711 for all these flights.

Shortly, the 15 Meter Nationals, along with the Open Class Nationals will be going on in Uvalde, Tx. When I get their in a few days, I will again post what I see is happening.

I was in Ely, Nv earlier, and had several good flights. But alot of smoke from the fires in California put somewhat of a damper on the long flights I had been hunting for. Ely Jet center caters to our needs and James, along with his staff, are again thanked for the service they provided. Ely now has been not only groomed, but has support for a major National Championship. I believe when Ely does host a National Championship, we will see not only one day, but several days of AST's called, which will produce 1000 k to 1250 k flights, slowest speed 100 mph, and we will see 100 percent completion's.
Folks, thats how big the sky in "The Great Basin" can get.
More later on this.