Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jet substainers

Been watching the development of these over the last few years. Here's AMT's site where you can find information on the Titan UAV.

Basicly, the 88 lbs thrust engine, at full thrust, burns .31 gals per minute. Thats a sea level burn rate, as you climb, your burn rate does drop, yet the thrust almost remains the same. With 10 gals this gives you a run time of 40 minutes. Range should be somewhere around 100 miles while cruisng, or maybe alittle more doing climbs and glides. Climbs should be around 250-300 fpm. Gas substainers weigh more, as the Jet weighs 10 pounds plus fuel of 60 pds or around 75 lbs with a tank. The gas engine substainer weighs about 95 lbs, so their is a weight savings.
Also with the this Jet engine, you can do a short auto tow, maybe a climb to 2,000 agl, and still have enough fuel for 30 minutes of cruise, or 60-70 miles.

If you look at the factory cost of an added substainer gas engine, it about 20,000 euros more, which at the present exchange rate is over $27,000 USD's. Also, the gas substainers have a hard time at western altitudes to get home on. Several at Ely have used their substainers but to get back into the valley its a hold your breath experience.

The other Jet engine is 150 lbs thrust. But I have been watching this for well over 3 years and I have been lead to believe its still in development and completion could be aways off.

I think the AMT Jet Titan, at 88 lbs thrust, is a way to go if your thinking about a substainer, installation should also be pretty simple, so costs maybe something to explore.