Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Information on Fossett's accident

I was contacted by the NTSB a short while back. The above RUC blipmap is now from the DATE of Fossett's accident (Sept. 3, 2007). You may "click the pic" to enlarge it. This blipmap is of the correct day, year, and shows its correct time. Due to personal health reasons of certain folks, and privacy rights, its the best I can do for now. I believe each of you should and will understand this. Thanks for doing so.
Its the "vertical wind shear" in the boundary layer blipmap. I had been thinking of heading back to Ely for some late summer flying, and had been reviewing the blipmaps over this period of time (Sept. 2007). When I saw the "mid morning" NAM on this day,( remember the above blipmap is RUC), the vertical wind shear areas had alarmed me, because of 2 areas, the first was over Elko, NV and had a radius of maybe 25 miles and was solid red and showed vertical wind shear greater than 50 plus kts. The other area was around and to the best of my recall, maybe Lake Crowley and was also in red, but with a much smaller radius.
I contacted the NTSB after they found the crash site and a short time ago they contacted me. We went over what I remembered and they then contacted Dr. Jack. The good news is Dr. Jack has all the numbers for those days and will be reconstructing new charts on a much greater resolution. The ruc is 13 km's and in that area are not of much help. His new charts (NEWS FLASH....these new maps have been reproduced and due to privacy rights they can not be displayed now, BUT will be displayed when able. They are superior and trump the blipmap above). These will have better resolution and maybe, repeat, maybe, give more needed information for the area on that day.
Also, the rapid responce satelite, which is used for firefighting, does have satelite photos of the area on that day, I have seen these photos, which I believe were taken at 11 am local time. I am looking for my link to their web page.
Also, on the OLC several flights are posted for this day. Who they are, along with their comments might surprize you, along with where they landed that day.
I am sharing this and am not suggesting or speculating on Fossetts accident, and will wait for the NTSB and what their final findings are.