Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Nimeta flys

Just ran across this.........

Below is from Ralph Woodward who owns an EB 28:

This glider was flying in the recent German Open Class> Nationals - at Mengen, Germany -> in the presentation for that contest it was called the> "Nimbeta" (versus Nimeta) - and Bruno finished> 4th as I recall - all reports were that Bruno was very happy with the> new configuration -> In the next 2 weeks Walter and Oliver Binder will fly their new single> seater EB 29 - the EB wings> with 29 meters wing span (ETA is 31 meters) and a completely new> fuselage. I own an EB 28> which is a self-launching 2-seater with 28 meters wing span - this new> glider will appear on their> web page in the next couple weeks -> - Hanko Streifeneder> built the fuselage and mated the ETA wings with the new fuselage -> probably with a lot of help from> Schempp-Hirth

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2010 National dates

Sports Class Parowan, UT. Practice days June 13 & 14.
Contest days June 15 thru June 24.

18 Meter Waynesville,OH. Practice days June 13 & 14.
Contest days June 15 thur June 24.

Open/Standard Class Hobbs, NM. Practice days June 27 & 28.
Contest days June 29 thur July 8.

15 Meter Uvalde, TX. Practice days Aug.1 & 2.
Contest days Aug. 3 thru Aug. 12.

The dates and sites are confirmed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lunar Crater dry lake landout

Their's a Nimbus 3D in the above picture. Mark and Sam were flying out of Minden and ended up on Lunar Crater dry lake. It's about 109 mile from Ely off of Route 6 headed towards Tonopah, NV. No cell phone coverage, but they got lucky and a fella saw them land and came over and helped them. He even gave them a ride to Ely.
Sam and Mark stayed at their sister in law's home and then drove back out the next day where the tow plane came from and then towed back to Ely.

Getting their game plan together. I drove out to help and take pictures.

Cockpit air vents closed...............

Later in Ely, heard from the Nimbus guys.... """where da towplane go???''''

Now, they have towed out and I am the only one left...........and it get's really quiet. But, they flew over to make sure I got under way, before heading to Ely. Later, we all talk about the dust devils we saw running across the dry lake bed. We watched 3 dust devils which were very close together. Two were turning counter clockwise and one was clockwise. The largest one turning clockwise had several smaller ones in it which were turning counter clockwise..............yep.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gray day 1 Cordele 2009

Its a gray day on the grid. 15's grid first, club class is in the back. Notice the folks as they are cold.
Well., the sky hasn't changed much for the last several hours. We had rain this morning around 9 am.

Fernado Silva is sitting down and has a dark blue jacket on. Folks, its really on the cool side this morning in Cordele. Even the bugs are staying inside.................

Well, around 2 pm the days cancelled and here's another picture of one member of the "smiling bird chrip group."
Lee's a great crew and is helping the Doctor with the daily polishing. I did ask Sam if it was ok for me to say anything about his V2CX he has for sale. He didn't mind. Normally, I wouldn't do this, but his V2CX does have the 600 K weight increase and is really in great shape. He does have options on it, and if your looking for a great 18 and 15 Meter ship and want to save some bucks, it might be something for you to think about. Now it doesn't come with the crew, Ok, but you need to really Sam a call, I believe its listed on several sites.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cordele shootout... 15 Meter 2009 USA Nationals

Morning sky already poping at 10:30 am.

Above, our morning "smiling bird chrip group". Good news for everyone, Dale Kramer is back with a new V2cx. His wife, Karmen, is on the right, the Doctors (SZ) wife, Lee, is on the left. More on the Doctor below.

Cordele 15 Meter shootout 2009.
Folks are rolling in. Hopes are high for a safe and good weather Nationals. Two 15 Meter US Team members will be choosen from the results of this contest. I have looked forward into my crystal ball and both the weather and who it will be is still hidden inside, as it didn't work for the recent Kentucky derby either.
Those of us camping on the field have a limited power suppy which feeds the entire area of only 200 amps. Brown outs and power outages have occured last night as AC units were turned on high. Most have gone to gas for their water heaters and refrigerators which will save some southern draw.
We did do some tows yesterday. Some guy, who's a Doctor (SZ), made a radio call that his new instrument was giving him at least a 5 kt increase in cruising speeds over the rest of us. Of course I asked him if he would like to share what his new instrument was and then he just went on and on about it. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact he had a full load of water on board and the rest of us were dry..........cough.
We had good lift up to 4500 agl but winds were out of the wsw around 15 kts. Thermals were broken and if you got low, you had to work to get back up. Oh, right after SZ shared what his new instrument was, yep, he was turning and burning at 800 agl trying like all heck to dig himself out.
Today, many are already watered and gridding for a pre practice day flight. Thermals, should be 3-5 knots and 4500 agl to 5000 agl are what should be seen with less shearing. Our task area has had alot of rain over the last several weeks. South has seen well over 11 inches and North is well over 8 inches in just the last week. We do have standing water in many fields.
But the south does dry out fast and the soil is sand, so by contest time, Tuseday, we should be seeing higher bases and stronger lift.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

R5N Wrap up 4-28-2009

Well, last round and the lights are coming back on. Region 5N @ Perry, SC. were different this year. Not with new types of racing gliders or pilots, but everything worked and flowed along really smooth. From the morning pilots meetings, griding and launches, relights and landings, to the evening dinner's, everyone I saw was pretty kicked back and had extra time on their hands.

Some note worthy items that were left out of the daily reports were LX, an AS sailplane dealer who was the mentor for, yep , Leo and his JS 1. When I asked the LS dealer and SH dealer how they felt about this mentor and the mentee thing, well, they just both grinned. I did get my new shirt from Leo, the JS 1 dealer, never got a thing from this AS guy.

We did have 2 gliders that got broken. One was from a land out and the tail boom was broken from a ground loop. The pilot was OK. The other was on the last day landing at Perry. It had server damage and the pilot I believe is OK.

Our Standard Class winner, Ken Sorenson, was asked what his game plan was on the second day. He told me he just tried and wanted to do his best each and everyday. He and his wife got up around 6 am every morning and by 8 am the glider was watered and being pulled out to their grid spot. This left Ken unhurried and time to relax and look at the day's weather, and then make plans according. We did meet several times out in the task area and KM does fly very aggressively.

Fernando Silva put together a well deserved win in 15 Meter. He also watered early and gridded early, he seemed not rushed and well organized. Fernando always has a warm smile when greeting folks each and everyday. Early in the contest he did have some problems with his tow release but several folks helped him fix the problem. He did speak during the pilots meeting on the cable release and everyone should to give though to having a game plan together when on early tow theirs a premature release with a full load of water on board. Might be a good idea to review your plan of action each and every time before you launch as to what you will do it the release fails.

Sam Gilter, 5U, and I didn't talk during the contest period in Perry. Sam and his LS1 are a hard combination to beat as all of us have seen over the past few years. Sam was an advisor for the sports class during the contest.

In 18 Meter, XG, Jerry Szemplinski, and I spoke several days. He said he had never seen so many air mass changes as he had seen in Perry this year. He tends to put together very long glides using all available energy he can find along his route. Of course, if one can do this kinda thing it does make soaring rather kicked back and highly enjoyable. If you have See You, you can run DJ's and XG's igc file on day 5. I did this and saw maybe 2 thermals that really were strong that gave Jerry a big climb and helped him stay in cruise mode that much longer than the rest of us.

Sunday, Allison Tyler, was getting out 8H, for another day of soaring as the weather was looking really good with cue's popping before 10 am. Maybe 90 percent of the folks had already left and had headed towards home. The cook house was receiving its cleaning, the tents were being taken down and the garbage truck was driving around looking for something to do.

See, all the racers and crew, like they do everywhere they go, had left Perry in the state it was in before they came. A clean, quite grass airport which will be enjoyed by a few over the next year waiting on every one's return. I did ask Allison Tyler what his game plan was during the contest. He said it was for "everyone who came to Perry to have a good time, good food, good fun and some of the best soaring flights of their life." With that. I'll turn on the light's and say the party's just over for now, as next year will be number 10........ that quite, clean grass airport is waiting for our best come.......ya hear.

Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe.......#711 reporting

Monday, April 20, 2009

End of day 1 R5N 4-20-09 Perry, SC

Gary Ward came for the annual airshow. Gary comes every year and puts on a show that is just something else to see. He is at the top of the list of aerobatic pilots in the world. Thanks Gary Ward by all who came and saw your great airshow.

Dinner was "chicken on the beer." The evening now is capped by the annual bonfire which has just been lit.

Gary Ward Perry Airshow 4-20-09

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4-19-09 Practice day R5N Perry, SC. USA

Rhonda Tyler opening the practice day pilots meeting. She went over daily meeting times along with dinner times and introducted our CD. CLICK the pics to enlarge.

The 2 green back t-shirts are the contest shirts anyone can purchase. Baud Litt did the design work. Good job Baud.

Ray Galloway, our CD. I just spoke with Ray. Today, no task was called, as our weatherman, Sam Zimmerman, said the max height would only get to 3500 msl and the window is very small for any soaring, if the window even opens up. Right now, its high overcast and cool. Tonight, maybe thunderstorms and tomorrow could be high winds. Its 11:30 am now, and no one has pulled out to the grid for a tow.
Sam Zimmerman (center) weatherman, US Team committee member and past US Team member and past US Team Captain.
Russell, orange shirt, operations manager.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update #2 Thursday 4-17-09

J4 is very, very happy. His new LS 10 is here and he plans on flying tomorrow. I'll get more pictures of the cockpit and the LS 10 after he finishes unwrapping.

Spoke with W3, Tim Wells, after his flight today. After he climbed up after release to about 4,000 agl, he and SZ headed down to the Orangeburg area. He dumped his water as conditions were soft and they climber back up and headed over to Barnwell. From Barnwell then to Dolittle and then Don Bells I believe. He said most climbs were 2.5 to 3 kts on the average with an 5 knoter thrown in every so often. He felt he went about 165 miles or so. His flight will be posted on the OLC shortly.

After KM's landing, I went and spoke with Ken Sorenson. He had about a 9 psi wing loading for the day as he feels it gives him more"wiggle room" for thermaling. Folks, I just write what they tell me. He stayed North of I 20 and had a good day. He found 3-5 kts up to 5,000 agl. He went about 175 miles for the day. His flight will be on the OLC shortly.
The picture above this one is of Dixie, their dog, who had a burr in her paw. Ken came to the rescue.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome back west Texas Skies to Perry, SC.

ALL these Pics were taken at 6:15 PM. CLICK the PIC to enlarge.

K2 and I flew up to DAVIS and made good time. We launched about 12:30. Coming back from Davis it was slow and cycled on us. We headed to Orangeburg and then up to Aiken. By this time it was starting to really get good. Bases rose to over 6,000 agl and lift was 6 plus kts.
The skies finally turned into west Texas skies , I landed about 5:40 and K2 just landed at 6:50. SZ also flew today.
The airport is groomed and the grid has been numbered. Al Tyler is still riding his tractor and mowing as the sun sets. The weather looks good and is now on a warming trend.
If your coming to Perry.........remember.........the man is watching and keep your speed within limits.

Monday, April 6, 2009

2010 National sites

Open and Standard Class Nationals....... Hobbs, NM. No dates and good rumor.

Sports Class.......Parowan, UT......check SSA website for dates. Confirmed.

18 Meter Nationals....Waynesville, Ohio....check SSA website for dates. Confirmed.

Now you ready for this............

15 Meter Nationals....Uvalde, TX...........No dates yet and really a great rumor.

Also, have been sent a new score sheet designed by Guy Byars for Winscore. It looks great and when you see it, send him an email thanks for all his hard work.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Region 5N Perry, SC

Well folks, a few notes for all those heading to Perry in the next few weeks.

REMEMBER, the man who writes speeding tickets for Wagener is still employed and he has a new pen. Watch your speed as you head into town as he also has new radar equipment and a new black Dodge Charger with tinted windows.

Also, Perry and the surrounding areas have had alot of rain. Their is standing water in town and when you come onto the airport properity drive carefully as the grass is GREEN. Al Tyler does plan on mowing soon as he doesn't have a hay bayler yet to stack the fresh cut with.

Also, Rhonda has been working very hard for us on one of the meals. It will be a treat and all will be happy. Also, only 3 have dropped out so far this year. Can you believe one x entrant has choosen marrage over racing at Perry.

Also, aero tows will be available starting Thursday, April 16th, before the contest starts for those wishing to do some practice.

8H and myself did fly about a week ago. We did an auto tow and off tow I snagged a 5 knoter to climb up in. Also, I did break the towline, claiming a first in Perry history for this feat. We glided to Bamberg on our first run, where I clawed my way back up and then the day was off to a great start. Much of the task area is greener than its been in the past years, but the thermals were 4-6 kts on the average and high for the day was over 8500 msl.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start and Finish notes Seniors 2009

OK, now I have finally got a good internet connection and can go into alittle more detail about our new start and finish.
About the new start. What is really great about it is, when we decide to start, we drop below max start height for at least 2 minutes, then enter the thermal and then thermal up through the top and then below cloudbase head out on course. Gone are the gaggles that clang to the wisps of the bases circling and waiting for a top contest guy to head out on course and then leach out after him.
From the center of the circle you can easy see the smaller gaggles circling and planning their start. Its only a few minutes to get to them and then make your plans for start. No longer are huge gaggles circling at the exit point of the cylinder for the start. We found several strong thermals within the start area and when clouds would drift through we would plan accordingly. Most days the CD would call the MSH at 4,000 agl. One day it went to 4,500 agl. But 4,000 agl worked very good and would allow a climb up through the top and then up near cloudbase with then a departure out on course. Once you climb up through the top you need to get gone as sticking around waiting for others will cost you time or another start.
Also, what's great is, when you leave on course, you cruise at what your next expected MC will be. Most days I used a MC3.5 which on my glider dry is around 90 kts. One day I did drop back into the cylinder near the outer radius and was back in the cylinder for less than 2 minutes. But my speed was within reason and I didn't get a speeding ticket.
I do think after you start using this new start, you will see better benefits to it and it does relieve congestion near the cloudbase and spreads more of us out.

Now about the finish. On RAS I said """SLOW DOWN"" Man, like your driving down the road and see a sign that says SLOW DOWN and you slam on the brakes??? Make me a pancake at IHOP, for god's sake. You can no longer pull up into the bottom of the cylinder. When you cross the cylinder radius you must cross it at or above the minimum finish height in order not to get a penalty. OK, make it really easy on yourself, I am trying to help you, none of us are perfect, see, and when we are out on course we slip and skid and miss thermals and circle un-centered, so stop trying to be perfect on this finish crossing altitude. Slow the """Joe the sailplane racer""" down about 20 seconds before you get to the finish circle( just hold your altitude about 200 feet higher than finish and let your speed drop down. This will work. Your altimeter isn't a electric viabrator type, SEE, so its still going to lag. Your logger is what records your altitude and read the rules, as its different than the start rule. The scorer doesn't SEE YOUR GLIDER ALTIMETER which probaly hasn't been checked since it was made. We had more old folks dragging thier lower jaw about this than all the prunes that are sold at Wal Mart.

On the start,.... again some thoughts, most did start upwind ......when on a downwind first leg. When the first leg was into the wind, we looked to start closes to the whatever point you could get to making the first leg the shortest. You might wanta reread that, cause that's more important than this 130 kt king kong ""Joe the sailplane racer''' finisher.

I will try and bring you better updates on the Perry contest, BUT here's a great idea, if you have a favorite racer, why not call his cell at the end of the day and find out how he did??? Trust me, their's not a glider guy or girl around that won't talk your head off about how their day went.......................