Friday, April 3, 2009

Region 5N Perry, SC

Well folks, a few notes for all those heading to Perry in the next few weeks.

REMEMBER, the man who writes speeding tickets for Wagener is still employed and he has a new pen. Watch your speed as you head into town as he also has new radar equipment and a new black Dodge Charger with tinted windows.

Also, Perry and the surrounding areas have had alot of rain. Their is standing water in town and when you come onto the airport properity drive carefully as the grass is GREEN. Al Tyler does plan on mowing soon as he doesn't have a hay bayler yet to stack the fresh cut with.

Also, Rhonda has been working very hard for us on one of the meals. It will be a treat and all will be happy. Also, only 3 have dropped out so far this year. Can you believe one x entrant has choosen marrage over racing at Perry.

Also, aero tows will be available starting Thursday, April 16th, before the contest starts for those wishing to do some practice.

8H and myself did fly about a week ago. We did an auto tow and off tow I snagged a 5 knoter to climb up in. Also, I did break the towline, claiming a first in Perry history for this feat. We glided to Bamberg on our first run, where I clawed my way back up and then the day was off to a great start. Much of the task area is greener than its been in the past years, but the thermals were 4-6 kts on the average and high for the day was over 8500 msl.