Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4-19-09 Practice day R5N Perry, SC. USA

Rhonda Tyler opening the practice day pilots meeting. She went over daily meeting times along with dinner times and introducted our CD. CLICK the pics to enlarge.

The 2 green back t-shirts are the contest shirts anyone can purchase. Baud Litt did the design work. Good job Baud.

Ray Galloway, our CD. I just spoke with Ray. Today, no task was called, as our weatherman, Sam Zimmerman, said the max height would only get to 3500 msl and the window is very small for any soaring, if the window even opens up. Right now, its high overcast and cool. Tonight, maybe thunderstorms and tomorrow could be high winds. Its 11:30 am now, and no one has pulled out to the grid for a tow.
Sam Zimmerman (center) weatherman, US Team committee member and past US Team member and past US Team Captain.
Russell, orange shirt, operations manager.