Friday, April 17, 2009

Update #2 Thursday 4-17-09

J4 is very, very happy. His new LS 10 is here and he plans on flying tomorrow. I'll get more pictures of the cockpit and the LS 10 after he finishes unwrapping.

Spoke with W3, Tim Wells, after his flight today. After he climbed up after release to about 4,000 agl, he and SZ headed down to the Orangeburg area. He dumped his water as conditions were soft and they climber back up and headed over to Barnwell. From Barnwell then to Dolittle and then Don Bells I believe. He said most climbs were 2.5 to 3 kts on the average with an 5 knoter thrown in every so often. He felt he went about 165 miles or so. His flight will be posted on the OLC shortly.

After KM's landing, I went and spoke with Ken Sorenson. He had about a 9 psi wing loading for the day as he feels it gives him more"wiggle room" for thermaling. Folks, I just write what they tell me. He stayed North of I 20 and had a good day. He found 3-5 kts up to 5,000 agl. He went about 175 miles for the day. His flight will be on the OLC shortly.
The picture above this one is of Dixie, their dog, who had a burr in her paw. Ken came to the rescue.