Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome back west Texas Skies to Perry, SC.

ALL these Pics were taken at 6:15 PM. CLICK the PIC to enlarge.

K2 and I flew up to DAVIS and made good time. We launched about 12:30. Coming back from Davis it was slow and cycled on us. We headed to Orangeburg and then up to Aiken. By this time it was starting to really get good. Bases rose to over 6,000 agl and lift was 6 plus kts.
The skies finally turned into west Texas skies , I landed about 5:40 and K2 just landed at 6:50. SZ also flew today.
The airport is groomed and the grid has been numbered. Al Tyler is still riding his tractor and mowing as the sun sets. The weather looks good and is now on a warming trend.
If your coming to Perry.........remember.........the man is watching and keep your speed within limits.