Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cordele shootout... 15 Meter 2009 USA Nationals

Morning sky already poping at 10:30 am.

Above, our morning "smiling bird chrip group". Good news for everyone, Dale Kramer is back with a new V2cx. His wife, Karmen, is on the right, the Doctors (SZ) wife, Lee, is on the left. More on the Doctor below.

Cordele 15 Meter shootout 2009.
Folks are rolling in. Hopes are high for a safe and good weather Nationals. Two 15 Meter US Team members will be choosen from the results of this contest. I have looked forward into my crystal ball and both the weather and who it will be is still hidden inside, as it didn't work for the recent Kentucky derby either.
Those of us camping on the field have a limited power suppy which feeds the entire area of only 200 amps. Brown outs and power outages have occured last night as AC units were turned on high. Most have gone to gas for their water heaters and refrigerators which will save some southern draw.
We did do some tows yesterday. Some guy, who's a Doctor (SZ), made a radio call that his new instrument was giving him at least a 5 kt increase in cruising speeds over the rest of us. Of course I asked him if he would like to share what his new instrument was and then he just went on and on about it. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact he had a full load of water on board and the rest of us were dry..........cough.
We had good lift up to 4500 agl but winds were out of the wsw around 15 kts. Thermals were broken and if you got low, you had to work to get back up. Oh, right after SZ shared what his new instrument was, yep, he was turning and burning at 800 agl trying like all heck to dig himself out.
Today, many are already watered and gridding for a pre practice day flight. Thermals, should be 3-5 knots and 4500 agl to 5000 agl are what should be seen with less shearing. Our task area has had alot of rain over the last several weeks. South has seen well over 11 inches and North is well over 8 inches in just the last week. We do have standing water in many fields.
But the south does dry out fast and the soil is sand, so by contest time, Tuseday, we should be seeing higher bases and stronger lift.