Friday, July 24, 2009

Lunar Crater dry lake landout

Their's a Nimbus 3D in the above picture. Mark and Sam were flying out of Minden and ended up on Lunar Crater dry lake. It's about 109 mile from Ely off of Route 6 headed towards Tonopah, NV. No cell phone coverage, but they got lucky and a fella saw them land and came over and helped them. He even gave them a ride to Ely.
Sam and Mark stayed at their sister in law's home and then drove back out the next day where the tow plane came from and then towed back to Ely.

Getting their game plan together. I drove out to help and take pictures.

Cockpit air vents closed...............

Later in Ely, heard from the Nimbus guys.... """where da towplane go???''''

Now, they have towed out and I am the only one left...........and it get's really quiet. But, they flew over to make sure I got under way, before heading to Ely. Later, we all talk about the dust devils we saw running across the dry lake bed. We watched 3 dust devils which were very close together. Two were turning counter clockwise and one was clockwise. The largest one turning clockwise had several smaller ones in it which were turning counter clockwise..............yep.