Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Nimeta flys

Just ran across this.........

Below is from Ralph Woodward who owns an EB 28:

This glider was flying in the recent German Open Class> Nationals - at Mengen, Germany -> in the presentation for that contest it was called the> "Nimbeta" (versus Nimeta) - and Bruno finished> 4th as I recall - all reports were that Bruno was very happy with the> new configuration -> In the next 2 weeks Walter and Oliver Binder will fly their new single> seater EB 29 - the EB wings> with 29 meters wing span (ETA is 31 meters) and a completely new> fuselage. I own an EB 28> which is a self-launching 2-seater with 28 meters wing span - this new> glider will appear on their> web page in the next couple weeks -> - Hanko Streifeneder> built the fuselage and mated the ETA wings with the new fuselage -> probably with a lot of help from> Schempp-Hirth