Sunday, January 10, 2010

For old and new racers & RAFFLE

EARLY ROUGH DRAFT.......................
Changes will be made.
Here's a link which will take you to Doug Jacobs post's on many different topics.

Also, you will see Andy Davis as you scroll down. Andy has written several articles which the new and old sailplane racer, which I believe, will benefit from.

Shortly, their will be a major announcement from the US Soaring Team, which pertains to a raffle. Tickets are being printed now and the top prize will be a Clear Nav. Also, their are many other prizes which will be won in the raffle. All the past and present US Team members want to say "Mahalo" to all the sponsors who have made prizes available for the raffle.

At the SSA convention, the US Team will be manning a booth, which will have a big screen TV, playing dvd's and the US Team member's manning the booth will do their best to answer any of your questions. So stop on by if your going to the convention and say "Hi".
At the World's, in both Prievidza and Szeged, Flarm's will be allowed. In Szeged, Hungary, we may have up to 150 glider's in the air before start, circling around the airport. The current Flarm range is several miles and you can imagine what the display will be doing. I do believe that no electronic transmission on data will be allowed between Team mates, but this will be hard for the organizer's to enforce.

Their are also new proposed entry requirement's which concern the IGC ranking list. You might want to review this, as it will affect who gets into the World Championship's. Each country gets only one spot guaranteed per class, after that, it comes from the IGC ranking list. Its possible some country's may have only one entry in a class and other's may have more than 2 in a class.

A big "thanks" to XC Skies for their 12 subscribtions for the US Team members. I now have been using XC Skies for several years and do find it useful. The 3 day Thermal Index Analyzer is a very useful tool. Also, you can plot a route and what it gives is amazing information.