Monday, June 21, 2010

18 Meter Nationals USA 2010

We have a daily task advisor and weather meeting at 9:30 am. Today, Monday, it was decided that the grass runway could accept the weight of our watered 18 Meter class and be launched safely. The runway has been really soft from all the rain, so up till today, its been a no water contest.
I am briefing the weather, and Ray Galloway sends me his reports and daily picture of what he thinks will be going on. Also, our task advisers are extremely talented, with weather knowledge. The top 5 had to weight if they had water on board. I put on a half load, 20 gallons, so had to weight after the pilots meeting.What we saw on the different soaring software compared to what we were watching on radar loops, caused, well, maybe best to say, the pilots meeting was called till 11:15 am. What we got, was what we had been watching, marching at us.Everyone got back in the box as the day was cancelled. Of course, I got weighted. The guys running the scales were happy someone finally showed up, weighed me, and yep, it was little over 3,000 pounds. Just think, only half a load of water. End joke. Scales reset. Now 1114 lbs.Got back to the trailer, had help, now into box.
Sky then not only got very dark, BUT had green patches where this monster was coming from. Wind came, then thunder, lighting and heavy rain. Now several hours later, still raining. Standing water everywhere. Several days ago a motor home had to be towed out as it had sank into the axes. Mine is down to the rims from just sitting where I am at
What we have been racing in is very weak lift. Our climbs, most of the time are 1.0 to 2.0 kts. Last 2 race days less than 2500 agl and the tasking has been fair at 3 hrs task time..Yes, several days ago, day 3, we had 12 land outs. Yesterday 8 landouts. The road home from the last turn took its toll. That day we also had several land outs which didn't even make min. distance. Of course on this day one person thought the task was under called, gave heck to the advisers and me, the weather guy. Then flew right over me enroute to a landout and I had a 2 knoter. Yep, landed out at the same place, with the same advisor, he gave heck to earlier. As he walked by the advisor, the advisor then asked if they over called the task. Not a peep was heared.
Yesterday, it was a long and hot day in the cockpit. With 8 land outs, you just couldn't miss a small thermal, which were around 1.5 kts. Yes, I said this has been a weak contest and even some our best guys are working very hard to get around.
KM did a great job of flying yesterday. Ken is a weak weather guy and was smiles from ear to ear with his daily win. The CD, Linda Murray. is going a great job, she has not only managed well, but called fair tasks and has used her advisers, testing every ones skill.
Our dinners and the US Team dinner were great and kudoos to all for their time and effort. Since I am the weather guy, I need to say "thanks" to Ray, as when we read his thoughts on what our day will bring, everybody listens and Ray, everyone says "thanks".
So, to sum up what has been going on. Weak lift, less than 3,500 agl most of the time. Last 2 days almost blue, ya, 2500 agl and max LD. You touch maybe 60 kts. and like wow, the cars don't pass you as fast............