Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ely report mid-Aug 2010

Arrived in Ely on Saturday, Aug. 14th. Got in around 3 pm and the sky was exploding with CU bases well over 18 thousand. Had to do an annual inspection on the ASG 29. As it was to late to fly, Sunday became the first fly day with the next week being really great for this time of year.
Have been keeping the daily flights to around 5 hrs. and still could have gotten in maybe 7 hrs each day. OLC flights showed maybe 650 k average with thermals being 5.7 kts (have had climbs in excess of 10 kts). Had several days with long cloud streets and flew them around 15 thousand plus.
BUT what I want to share is no one is here except Lee and 25H, his ASH 25. We have the skies to ourselves and maybe we aren't getting 1000 k flights, but for 5 hours are having a great time and am covering some distance. We are watching the weather and are hoping for another warm spell to come thru allowing several more good flights.
Today, Saturday, Aug. 20th and tomorrow we have high winds, so am waiting to see what Monday and the rest of the week will bring. Sometimes early Sept. will bring another warm period and hopefully we can get in some 800 k plus flights.
So, to sum it up, the flying has been good, no crowds to speak of and you might want to think about a late summer vacation for some good soaring times in the Great Basin.