Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PRE WORLDS Information and requests

Most know that the pre worlds are coming to Uvalde during Aug. 2011. When our US Team went to Europe this last summer, we had folks step up to help us out with cars and gliders. Also, we had folks who stepped forward to help move gliders and also crew. All the US Team members were and are extremely grateful for this help.

Just as we needed help, our European friends are coming over and are requesting our help.

Its now our time.

Please contact Linda Murray if your interested in loaning or renting your glider. It need not be current generation. Also, if you can come forward with a car that has a hitch or are willing to help out (if only for a few days) in crewing, please contact her.

Red Wright many years ago asked us to give up a lunch to help out the US Team with needed funds. The response was overwhelming. I can never fill his shoes, but I do know many of you. Now with our fewer numbers, we need ALL of you to get the word out that cars and gliders are needed not only for the pre worlds, but the Worlds in 2012. Not including the Juniors, we had 12 US Team pilots go to Europe this last summer. In Szeged, Hungary we had over 150 pilots and their were 6 of us. Shortly, that entire flock is heading over here.

Whats needed most are gliders for the pre Worlds. Older generation ships are fine, as the pilots just want to learn and fly the Uvalde sky's. So, please come forward and contact Linda.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you.