Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Seniors Seminole-Lake Gliderport FL.

Tom and Doris getting their Duo out for a days flight. Click the pic to enlarge.

Shortly, this group will launch into todays skys. Winds are 20 plus kts. @ 2000 msl.

Looking south sky cover is fairly heavy, but its opening up as the day warms.

Sky looking North.

John Good, the CD, has brought his Duo Discus X, as Doug Jacobs will fly it. We have quite a few Duos here, so it going be a great battle for top honors.

Brief wrap.
We had a good day Tuesday, March 8th. Lift was 3-5 kts to a cloud base of 6300 msl in the late afternoon. Today is windy with winds @ 2000 msl around 25 plus knots. Cloud bases are slowly rising and some are hoping they can get in alittle practice. A front is marching down towards us for tomorrow. But sometimes they fall apart, so maybe we can fly tomorrow. Weather for the contest period is looking pretty good. More shortly.