Friday, March 11, 2011

Seniors Pre-practice Friday 3-11-2011

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Butler, with their ASG 29. Dick will be flying the 2011 Seniors in the 18 Meter version. Today, he headed down to the South, first turning Chalet Suzanne. Then heading North to Montgomery. Dick reported 2.2 kts on the overall day getting up to 4,000 msl. No low spots and had a fun day.

Towing the ASG 29 back to its trailer. DB has a great rig and even has a relaxing sofa inside the van.

KS reported a good day and flew up to Ocala, which is North. Ron Clark went along for the ride.
2-3 kts and up to around 3,000 msl for the day.

Karl and Ron cleaning bugs off before boxing the Duo.

Now, the important stuff. Beer contest. Yep, first person gets a 6 pack when they see me when they email me who these four guys are.
Contest starts now. 3-11-2011 5:15 pm EST.