Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seniors Thursday mornin news 3-11-2011

Wednesday evening and everyone is back in the box or tied down and covered. Day was reported as maybe 3500 msl alitudes and 2-3 kts lift. Seems most headed South to the Lake Wales area and then home.

Then around 6:30 pm, thunder was heard, lighting, then the sky just came unglued. This was from a smaller convergence zone passing thru the area. The big front wasn't here...yet, as it came later in the night. Thursday morning still raining and now its around 12 noon and the rain has let up and sky is slowly getting lighter.

These pictures are from last night.

Friday looks flyable, lift will be weak and might be windy. Not to many entrants have pulled in today.Saturday looks better and next week shows a improving trend all week long.
Will get some more pictures when folks start to move around.