Sunday, March 13, 2011

Todays Day 3-13-2011

Somethings for me are hard to share. But in our World of Soaring, we share the same Freedom and Joy which is what I believe are different than in many other walks of life.
Today, I feel I would like to share something with you. Just before launch, a good friend walked up and said Hi. I hadn't seen him in close to a year, as the last time was at the Seniors awards dinner in 2010. We sat at the same table and chatted over the past.
Today, I asked how a friend had been. I didn't know my friend had passed on, Dec. 15, 2010. My friend is Rick Howell. Rick and I flew for the same airline, he retired as a Line Captain and a check airman. Rick's love for soaring speaks for it self as where ever he traveled, soaring was his game, his life and love. From contests to encampments at Parowan, his accomplishments were many. He touched many lives, all good, very good.
After I learned this today before launch, I deicated this day to Rick and received a gift. Today was for you, Rick, Godspeed my friend.