Saturday, March 12, 2011

USA 2011 Seniors Practice Day 3-12-2011

DB's dog coming to say Hi. We been buddies along time.

Now the practice day report.

Well, here we are. Ray's weather was very close to being right on. Weak thermals to 3000 msl. I check the soundings and see the same thing.

KS and I rig next to each other and after the pilots meeting, we pulled out to the open grid. He choose the number one spot and I got the number 2 slot. Then it dawned on me, like what am I doing wanting to launch into a weak sky so early?

Ken Sorenson, who tells me he has a poster of me in his garage, riding my motorcycle, which he trains his dog to chase me and bite me, has pulled in right behind me in spot 3. We are one big happy family.

We then have a brief pilots meeting and CD Good anounces a noon launch. Few, and I mean few, if any birds were seen thermaling. I did make that comment, but CD Good went ahead with the launch. Well, off tow and a slow climb was made. We were at least staying up. Maybe 2500 msl. KS, myself and DB are together. Well, DB went off in one direction(he won the day), KS went in another, I made the smartest choice of all, and just kept circling and going lower.

Shortly, DB is reporting North at Grass Roots and lift is just fine, with climbs arount 3500 msl. Don't know where KS is as I am circling even lower now. But lift cycles and we, I mean the whole group who launches, climbs away in weak lift.

I take a late start, not by choice, but by sheer luck in even starting. Its a 2 1/2 hour TAT. North first, then South, then North, then home. Most left around 1:30 pm which is what I wanted to do, but ill forces caused me to start about 1:45 pm. On course near Osborne I nailed a big climb to 3500 msl and now felt alot better. Shortly thereafter met up with KS. A small group of us started digging ourselves out of a hole. Ron Clark , who was riding with KS, smiled and waved several times as we slowly climbed to 2500 msl. Then off we went again, testing low spots and having fun.

The rest of the afternoon just had weak climbs and short glides. KS later reported after landing they had several low points. One being 400 ft. over a small fire.
Looks as most had a good flight and thats what we are here for. Time jumps forward one hour tonight, so practice day went really good, tomorrow the game begins.

Best wishes for all entrants, a safe contest and a good nite to all.