Friday, March 11, 2011

USA Seniors Rules and history.

The story below is from Tom Knauff. Some is from our talks and other parts have been reprinted.

The Special Rules.

1. The emphasis of this unique contest is having a good time, enjoying the companionship, and the good soaring conditions. Nothing serious should be implied about the "competition."

2. Minimum age 55. When Tom Knauff first wrote the rules he was 51 so couldn't get in.

3. Mandatory crew day. The trip is to be fun for everyone, and with all the very special things to do in the area, it would be a shame for the crew not to have fun too.

4. 2 1/2 hour optimal task length. Senior seniors don't need or want to maximize the soaring day.

In order to enforce the low key competition, special penalties would be applied to anyone caught making speacial performance enhancing modifications or preparation to their gliders. Penalties would be assessed for special sealing, cleaning, or waxing.

Penalties would be assessed for winning any contest day, or placing in the top half of the score sheet.

Evening gatherings are encouraged, so an attempt is made to have a social event every other day.

The Seniors future.

Tom Knauff and all others agree that since 1990 this contest has been outstandingly successful. In 2010 their were 77 pilots hoping to get on the list of contestants. The late Charlie Spratt had become the premier soaring contest director. Along with his skills, Knut and Ingrid's Seminole-Lakes gliderport, "The Seniors", found a home, which lasted 20 years.

Now the new owners are showing they are enthusiastic about "The Seniors", and are hosting the 21st Seniors which starts this Sunday, March 13, 2011.

Their is good reason to be comfortable that "The Seniors" will be around in the future.