Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ok TA, food for thought...........

Well, TA, Frank Paynter, is at Region 6 south, and just posted about their great dinner. Well, I am sure he is right as last year we had great food and drink during the 18 Meter nationals when we were their. We also had what hes having.....rain.
But what we had today wasn't rain, but it was wind, lots of it. I have some time to blog, just for TA's sake, the dinner menu for the 18 Meter Nationals. Ha, bored is me.

Tuesday, 1st contest day, now this is really some good stuff, Lasagna, green salad, fresh hot bread sticks of course with garlic and butter, and the best banana pudding you can find in the southwest.

Now, comes Thursday, "THEE BEST" Texas Brisket you can find anywhere in New Mexico. Period. All the trimmings and its sponsored by ( yes, we have a sponsor) Lea County State Bank. They even do glider loans...hint TA for your new 18 Meter ship.

Now, if I post here what the next 3 nights are, well, just easier to say since your not here, you'll never know what you missed. But the awards banquet is being held at the Zia Park Casino, top floor and this party will be hard for anybody to out do. Maybe ties for first, but its going to be good. TA, dessert will be NEW YORK style cheesecake............large portions. Oh yum, yum.
Folks, Hobbs is coming back big time. Next time theirs a contest here try to slip it in if you can.
I plan on some picture taking tomorrow, so you all come back, ya here..........

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ouarzazate, Morocco 2011

I met Norbet Schlafke in Parowan, UT., some years back. Hes from Germany, has a lovely wife and family. As he is retired, his enjoyment is not only traveling, but soaring the world. He owns an ASW 22 ble and in his travels to the USA has also enjoyed soaring in Ely during the season.
We have sharred our flights, dinners and to my surprize he is now in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Hes their with the ASW 22 ble and these are some of the pictures he has sent me. Spectacular to say the least. I believe the one with clouds is of the Sahara convergence zone. He speaks of the mountains, valleys and terrain and of its not easy soaring this area.
Their are hotels, resturants and the airfield you can see on goggle earth. I just thought I would share these with you, as I didn't fly today in Hobbs. Last night a loud "POP" was hear from my forward ac unit. Luck is Lowes RV in Hobbs had a new unit in stock and they got it repaired. Luck also was with me as the high today is near 108 in Hobbs. Its windy, no clouds, but the new ac is doing just fine.
Maybe we fly tomorrow, as another pilot was driving in and has car trouble in Dallas. Trust me, if we see any standing water, anywhere, I will take a pic and happily post it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hobbs 18 Meter Nationals 2011

After all the years coming to Hobbs, its the first time I have ever arrived and theirs not one glider trailer on the ramp. First thought I had was maybe I was in the wrong place @ the right time? Like Hobbs is to racing gliders as apple pie and ice cream are to America. The SSA offices are still here, but no trailers.
Good news is I found the water, so my spot is good, really good. Also, close to the hanger where the scorers office is.
Tow plane is due in tomorrow, so early practice will be available. Another 4 or 5 are showing up early. Looks like 21 over all will be here. Folks, this is Hobbs and it hasn't rained here since last year when the Nationals were flooded out. Notta a drop has fallen. Yesterday, a brush fire started southwest of us over near Carlsbad, NM and the smoke is drifting our way.
Right now we have cus starting to pop and bases look well over 8000 AGL.
Heres some pics, one of even my shadow, another of some small life. Will keep updating and will also update thru the contest, but not daily.