Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hobbs 18 Meter Nationals 2011

After all the years coming to Hobbs, its the first time I have ever arrived and theirs not one glider trailer on the ramp. First thought I had was maybe I was in the wrong place @ the right time? Like Hobbs is to racing gliders as apple pie and ice cream are to America. The SSA offices are still here, but no trailers.
Good news is I found the water, so my spot is good, really good. Also, close to the hanger where the scorers office is.
Tow plane is due in tomorrow, so early practice will be available. Another 4 or 5 are showing up early. Looks like 21 over all will be here. Folks, this is Hobbs and it hasn't rained here since last year when the Nationals were flooded out. Notta a drop has fallen. Yesterday, a brush fire started southwest of us over near Carlsbad, NM and the smoke is drifting our way.
Right now we have cus starting to pop and bases look well over 8000 AGL.
Heres some pics, one of even my shadow, another of some small life. Will keep updating and will also update thru the contest, but not daily.