Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ok TA, food for thought...........

Well, TA, Frank Paynter, is at Region 6 south, and just posted about their great dinner. Well, I am sure he is right as last year we had great food and drink during the 18 Meter nationals when we were their. We also had what hes having.....rain.
But what we had today wasn't rain, but it was wind, lots of it. I have some time to blog, just for TA's sake, the dinner menu for the 18 Meter Nationals. Ha, bored is me.

Tuesday, 1st contest day, now this is really some good stuff, Lasagna, green salad, fresh hot bread sticks of course with garlic and butter, and the best banana pudding you can find in the southwest.

Now, comes Thursday, "THEE BEST" Texas Brisket you can find anywhere in New Mexico. Period. All the trimmings and its sponsored by ( yes, we have a sponsor) Lea County State Bank. They even do glider loans...hint TA for your new 18 Meter ship.

Now, if I post here what the next 3 nights are, well, just easier to say since your not here, you'll never know what you missed. But the awards banquet is being held at the Zia Park Casino, top floor and this party will be hard for anybody to out do. Maybe ties for first, but its going to be good. TA, dessert will be NEW YORK style cheesecake............large portions. Oh yum, yum.
Folks, Hobbs is coming back big time. Next time theirs a contest here try to slip it in if you can.
I plan on some picture taking tomorrow, so you all come back, ya here..........