Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making this close interesting........

or #711 ka booms the internet.
We have covered alot. Thermal basics, shrinking the Alps, to a video on a young German pilot.
Now, I like the OLC, its fun, entertaining. But have been asked what the difference is between the OLC and contests. Here's the ka boom, my thoughts. Well, its sorta like getting in that old Olds Delta 88 and going to the mall parking lot during a winter storm with fresh snow. Just drifting around could be all sorts of fun, especially with friends. Even might get pretty good at it. But come the spring time and that snow is gone, that old Olds just won't win a drifting event!!!!
The link below will take you to Andy Davis's article. Its good, a first read or review is well worth the time spent. Need to scroll down to Andy's articles. DJ's got some good review.
Start circle, final glide, time to get out some paper, put down some dots, connect them seeing where you may save some time. This pre planning might be a good start and give you thoughts on where to plan your final climb to glide home. We use maybe 10 on the way out, 30 on the way home, just to get you in the ball park.
Remember we say its not where you placed on the score sheet, but how you played the game. In the Spirit of Icarus, as man and machine become one, that air adventure has really just begun. Reflecting back on our day or contest, we now see just how much we have really won, in ways that many may have never dreamed. Respect for our fellow entrants, along with the sportsmanship we displayed, will always overcome where we may have placed.
Folks, it begins with us.
As sportsmanship............
typically is regarded as a component of morality in sport, composed of three
related and perhaps overlapping concepts: fair play, sportsmanship and character.
Fair play refers to all participants having an equitable chance to pursue
victory and acting toward others in an honest, straightforward, and firm and
dignified manner even when others do not play fairly. It includes respect
for others, including team members, opponents, and officials. Character
refers to dispositions, values, and habits that determine the way that
person normally responds to desires, fears, challenges, opportunities,
failures, and successes, and is typically seen in polite behaviors
toward others, such as helping an opponent up or shaking hands after a
match. An individual is believed to have a “good character” when those
dispositions and habits reflect core ethical values.
Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own
sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense
of fellowship with one's competitors.
We stand alone on our acts yet the respect and camaraderie we have
towards each other comes from the sportsmanship we display
during events in which we enjoy being involved in. Their can be no sport
without sportsmanship.
Our sport lives because of it!!!!!
Godspeed to all for a 2012 soaring season.
Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe.
#711 reporting.