Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Year thoughts along with YOUR HELP is needed now!

Spoke with Al Tyler about the Region 5N contest coming again to Perry, SC. in April. Folks, even if you don't get in, coming by to see this shoot out will be worth your time. Theirs going to be a Open Class shoot out going on. The Concordia, yes, DB is bring his, along with several new ASH 30 MI's, the ETA biter(stretched ASW22BL), a Nimbus 4, several ASH 25's totaling maybe 10 Open Class machines. Along with these magnificent flying machines, the grid will also be sparkling with the 18M, 15M and Sports Class gliders. Numerous past and present US Team members will also be their. Plan on stopping by and wishing the best for the US Team in 2014 and see these gliding machines.

My plan on travel is  thru the USA as I hope to make a few more contest sites than over the last few years. Best for me to say is I had several bumps in lifes road and luckily came out ok. So, my blog will again be active with pictures and stories about our contest and soaring sites.

A brief update on Ely is they will have 2 tow planes. James said they are again looking forward to the soaring groups showing up. Call ahead if you can would be the best. Mid June thru late July is prime time to fly the great basin out of Ely. Numerous World records were set during the 2013 season. James has a booth at the SSA convention in Reno, so, you can stop by and chat.

So, my blog will again be active for the 2014 season. New pictures, contest news and updates on soaring sites. 
Best for the Holiday season.

#711 reporting.