Monday, March 31, 2014

My ASG 29/18..........

While @ the 2007 18 Meter Nationals in Alberta Lea, MN., Paul Remde (Cumulus Soaring) wanted to take many photos of our contest finishes. But we had only 3 contest days due to high winds and rain ( not only was  I  an entrant, but the weather guy!). The contest was one day short for the National's to be official ( I was locked in for a 3rd place finish of course!).
 But on one day, Paul got this great shot ( at least I think its great!) of my finish dumping water. I just saw it made the cover of this book on soaring which has been out for a few years. Am surprised big time!

Also, at the  2013 Region 9 Moriarty contest, I was the CD. What I experienced was a very high level of sportsmanship among ALL the entrants. I do hope for the coming 2014 soaring season it continues for ALL our soaring sites.....Worldwide! 

Folks, it begins with us.
As sportsmanship............
typically is regarded as a component of morality in sport, composed of three
related and perhaps overlapping concepts: fair play, sportsmanship and character.
Fair play refers to all participants having an equitable chance to pursue
victory and acting toward others in an honest, straightforward, and firm and
dignified manner even when others do not play fairly. It includes respect
for others, including team members, opponents, and officials. Character
refers to dispositions, values, and habits that determine the way that
person normally responds to desires, fears, challenges, opportunities,
failures, and successes, and is typically seen in polite behaviors
toward others, such as helping an opponent up or shaking hands after a
match. An individual is believed to have a “good character” when those
dispositions and habits reflect core ethical values.
Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own
sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense
of fellowship with one's competitors.
We stand alone on our acts yet the respect and camaraderie we have
towards each other comes from the sportsmanship we display
during events in which we enjoy being involved in. Their can be no sport
without sportsmanship.
Our sport lives because of it!!!!!
Godspeed to all for a 2014 soaring season.
Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe.
#711 reporting.