Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 Region 9N Nephi, UT.

Am now in Nephi, Ut. for the Region 9N contest. First time I have been here and its appearing to be another great site. The contest staff and folks in town are all friendly and are doing their best for us. The first practice day results are on the SSA website.

Best story we heard at today's pilots meeting was from Steve Nichols, NIK, whos here flying with his buddy, Dave Coggins, DT, (both from Texas) each having big grins as they are enjoying their new JS 1C's big time. Steve shared he normally doesn't speak at pilots meetings and has been trying to change that. Seems his last daily contest win was in...ready...1994! He got a very warm round of applause for yesterdays flight. A lot of over development going South and then heading into the second turn it was BLUE, so many came in under everyone!

I stayed on the ground and had several adjustments to make on my 29............we had to pull my inter panels 8 times to get it all working again like it should. Today, I took some pictures, of the sky and launch. All classes are out with a one turn MAT of 2hrs+30  min. time. Maybe 17 folks launched. Click the pic to make it big! (yes, several are out of sequence...???).

 Above on the right is CM, Bruno Vassel, left is CD, Ron Gleason. Below is Bob Caldwell (BC) in his V2CXT.

 The above and lower 2 are from Friday, July 31st, when I first arrrived.

Below is  today's sky(Sunday) looking SOUTH about 1:30 pm. Last launch is bottom picture.