Sunday, January 3, 2016

One picture......worth many,many words (click pic to make bigger).

The "tactical powerflarm squadron" approaching a early starter who has hit the best thermal of his life. Oh, its a no turn MAT task.

Really good article by Moffat,  starts pg. 24,  MAY 1975 issue Soaring Mag. archive.

Our past strongly points towards one thought.  Safety must never be compromised.

New LifePO4 12V10A batteries. Yesterday(oat 42 F),  running everything in my 29 for 4 hrs and 40 minutes, remaining volts showed 12.7.  The charge time was 42 minutes at 5 amp charge( they will even take a higher charge rate). Total charged amps was 2.8 amps(I have a charger which shows all sorts of stuff). batteries stayed cool during charge.

Best. #711.