Thursday, April 28, 2016

Region 5N wrap.

2016 R5N is now history. Haven't been to Perry in the last 7 years and was again amazed at all the improvements the Tyler family have made to the airport. Our contest this year was again blessed with challenging weather which tested all the entrants skills and the CD preformed with a gold star. He even has a cow bell for cancelling a task.

The second day proved a test going into and out of the first turn. Out west we fly higher and just don't get to see as many terrain features. I did mention this fact at the next days pilot meeting about even seeing cows wag their tails which everyone seemed to enjoy. But what's important is the real days winner, Rich Owen, as he did a masterful job of slamming everyone by over 6 mph, in 18 Meter.  F8, Bill Gawthrop was running with Rich but ran into troubles in the third turn.
KM, Ken Sorenson, the winner in 18 Meter, did again another skillful job of  of managing his second contest win in a row this season. DB, Dick Butler,  won the Open class. I  got to watch his landing on the first contest day as I barely managed to find and land on the extreme end of the runway. Mamad Takallu, MD, won Sports class, along with Jim Lee, 1X, with the FAI class.
Great food, challenging weather which tested everyone's skill, no busted gliders along with excellent sportmanship displayed was again what this R5N contest strives to put on for all. Many years ago, Mr. Tyler said quietly to me all he wanted was everyone to have a good time. Well, Mr. Tyler, I do believe everyone had a great time and again thanks to all, the tow pilots, operations  managed by Larry Travers, and everyone else.
Also, one last note, Brain Glick, who I haven't seen in a number of years, hasn't changed at all. He flew down from Mifflin in his C-180 to help out with  tows. He also helped auction off a mason jar of ...errr... liquid gold (moonshine). Got 60 bucks for it, and the guy who bought it....doesn't drink. Only in Perry.

Best. #711.