Friday, April 15, 2016

Smilin faces.........Clicks the pics makes them big!!

Sarah (SK) and Jason (JA) Arnold flew in yesterday with 2 planes, flew home in one. In a few days they will again be headed from Chilhowee to Perry with trailers in tow.

Several friends of the Tyler family have headed off to the kennel. They saw my camera and started styling.....

I need to make some......amends..... as when I posted yesterday of Bill's, F8's panel, the small sign above his "Black box" was my failed attempt in pointing it out. Years back, someone else had a small sign..."Hope is not strategy".....ETA bitter if memory serves me well.

 Oh, the above picture is my panel..........I really need a auto pilot, cup of coffee and USA today.

Rain last night, cool temps helpin chill a Bud surprise which  has arrived!!!!

Few more days, its going to change..........oh where ya beeeee??? We still got a slot or 2 open.