Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some R5N Perry history notes

When I retired 13 years ago, I came to R5N and of course missed the sign for the turn off. Got turned around and then saw the "sign".  First picture is where the Tyler family and I shared dinner. Today, the changes made and the Tyler family's compassion for the sport we enjoy are inspiring.

Now about that "flag pole'. Seems it was down in Wagener at the EMS station. It had been idle for some time and Mr. Tyler asked the mayor about their plans for that "pole". They had none and in short order it was moved to its now "new and permanent  location"(happened a few years back). New watering stations, electrical outlets and much more has been done. A new tent arrived via FedX just a few hours ago. Years past we have experienced soaring conditions which would leave west Texas in awe. This contest is starting to look "good". Trust me, I been the weather guy at numerous contests. Oh ya....... you need to come. Ya here!

Spring time in the Carolina's  can't get much better than the show the Tyler family and friends put on.

                                        In the above picture. Toothpicks second to none......................

Still a few spots open. Call Rhonda....SSA website has the information.