Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thee "grid" & fence, F8 cockpit pic.....& stuff Perry 2016.

 When asked what place contest finish and this shy group responded according.
 LX and KM.......LX has his trigger finger ready...............I did ask if the fence was to keep us in...or "them out". Seems the horse ranchers have a 4 board fence.....has some meaning to them.... sounds more like "he haw" to me.
 US Team member F8 doing some new instrument work and a close up of his panel. The dew is going to fly on the next pic.......oh me....oh my, see what your missing by not being here.

Cows didn't respond to my "cow ding calls". Enough said on that, seriously.  Its windy & cool now this Thursdays, 4-14-16. Mexican was good last night.  Seeing friends I haven't seen in a few years, Best to say its best to still be "on the planet and getting ready to race"!