Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Nephi US National Notes from RAS

What happened to me @Nephi on Sunday 6/26/16.... today? Well, I was launched as a sniffer, did make a climb, then just could not connect and get back up. My fault, no one else's. I landed and since I am crew less it was simply too difficult and time consuming for me to get another launch. So I watched the entire group go around the course on the tracker page( I now think I should have driven to Wal Mart and watched the pigeons propagate around the parking lot. Grrrr.........#711.

Well, as soon as I make a post about how hot its been, I froze my whatever off riding my motorcycle to the airport this morning. Folks at the morning pilots meeting were walking around with Jackets on! 
Today was canceled. Good news as the thermal height wouldn't have gotten us up to the max start height of 12,000 msl. But we were told its on an improving trend with this coming midweek looking really promising. 
More about yesterday as most said they had one of their best soaring days ever. Best story of the meet, heck, best story I have ever heard coming to all the contests I been was this one person, who adjusted his time when the CD changed the open class time from 3:30 to 3 hrs on their TAT. When he did it seems his black box decided to also change his task back to the day before. Some folks saw him out on course....going in the wrong direction wondering what the heck is he doing???But he went fast and the CD decided he won his task that HE FLEW! His speech was priceless as he said he's been rehearsing for years. He climbed up thru the top found 12 kts and flew fast..... 
Several trophy's along with their history were reviewed. Also, a video from SLC center showing the gliders with transponders flying in the Nephi area. They have been working with our folks to keep all parties safe. We do have several arrival routes coming thru our area so they keep the arriving traffic coming and going to SLC airport higher. 
Tonight Uys Jonker is going to put on a Jet demo and product review as dinner is planned at the airport @ 7pm. At the Worlds in 2010, both brothers helped me big time with several issues I was having with my electronics. Their sportsmanship and product support is simply off the top of the chart. Ya, I fly an ASG 29, but as Uys says it's for the sport and that is what matters! Great folks for sure. 
Looks like B4 posted on the SSA website. I am off to do laundry. 
Best #711. 

Folks, it's late(10:30 pm) and we have been challenged. Heat. Yep heat as in hot and when it's hot at 5,000 msl, the density altitude is somewhere around Mars and the tow planes work hard to get us up. 
Our day starts around 8 am at the airport. Prepping, watering and then the pilots meeting at 10 am. We griddle (meaning if you bring eggs and bacon, you can cook on the tarmac) today @ noon.   
But yesterdays task was work for most as the third leg was into a fairly strong headwind and crossing Milford from Beaver can be a trick. After the 3rd turn down to cricket, it went well for everyone I spoke with. Our weatherman (WX) spanked everyone as he stopped for like maybe 3 thermals all with a higher climb rate than an F-16 with afterburners 12 plus kts and up! 
Heading down to Indian Pk was OD and virga. Most made the tp, some other stellar folks (myself) just headed home since it was a MAT. The scores are up on the SSA website and some of us are posting our flights on the OLC. 

Today's launch started around 1 pm. had some relights in Standard and 15 Meter. One sniffer sounded excited when he finally climber thru 8,000 msl. When I launched, my tow had to really work to find anything for me to get off. even the last couple of hundred feet made the tug work hard. Then a good bump and 4.5 kts got me up. Our flights are up on the OLC and you can check them out. A lot of us came in under time. The open class had a 3 hr TAT same as the others but the 15's was 4 hrs. Some of the Opens ran well over 100 mph and I thinks most are getting comfortable with Nephi and the surrounding area. ALL, and I do mean ALL the folks are working hard. The heat simply wears one down as you know. Hope this helps as I remember many years ago we had to wait for the magazine to report the story. 
Tomorrow the temps are coming down as cool air comes in from the North. But that brings Salt lake air in so getting up and out of here can be a lot of work. 
Best. #711. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trophy's, awards and a surprise!

Took some pics of the awards, trophy's and a got lucky shot of real wing flex! Me, I stayed tied down, then went on a short retrieve. After that helped KS arrange his "spot". Then had dinner with KS and P7. Some scores are up on the SSA webite.  Its late, might fly tomorrow, BUT Tuesday just might be the biggest day ever seen....stay tuned. Click the pic to make it big! Best. #711 reporting

DB, Dick Butler and Concordia taking off. Didn't ask how much water he had on board.

Nephi Sunday 6/19/2016

First practice day for our National Soaring championships for Open, 15 Meter and Standard classes. Today's pilots meeting started at 9 am and went along good with B4, CM Bruno Vassel, opening the meeting. If I heard right, he introduced himself as the "Love boats" public relationship person, but was quickly informed that was "Julie" which then ended that thought.
Ron Gleason then went over some areas for a good review. WX, Walt Rogers, is the weatherman and his briefing was for good conditions. A task was called for all 3 classes, a turn area task, 3 hrs., with 30 mile radius's. Blue.  Check the SSA site for more information. We have 62 folks, 1 guest and 2 sniffers.

What we really need are some flat bottom cu's. Maybe tomorrow but Tuesday, our first contest day, looks.........I do mean this........could be, just might be and probably will be one of the biggest, best simply fastest racing days the world has ever seen or could even hope for. Stayed tuned for more. You can watch along on the tracker. Here's the link
or the SSA website.
Click the pic to make it big. Thanks folks. Best #711.

Looking south....its blue. DB, Dick Butler getting ready.

 MM, John Webers Arcus. Looking west......its blue.

DJ, World Champion Doug Jacobs, and he's happy to be here. He's in the Open Class, flying his 18 Meter Ventus. Me thinks some spanking will be going on to the boys with them 21 meter wings.......just my 2 cents!
The grid looking South.                                                                                                                                        

 The grid looking North.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nephi Saturday 6/18/2016

First practice day in Nephi starts tomorrow for 3 classes...all National championships...Open....15 Meter.....Standard. Today, many were pulling in. Our new water system is completed, spanked and tested yesterday. The water tank holds 5,000 gals. and everyday the water truck pulls in and refills the tank.
Some flew today, but as you can see by the pictures it was blue. The up coming weather looks promising with rising temps occurring on the first contest day this coming Tuesday.

Enjoy the pictures,  click the pic as it will become big!
 KM, The Sorensons. To the North...been blue all day.

 MM, John and Paul Cordell hanging out the window. To the West...its blue...been that way all day.

 Looking all day with lift maybe 12-13,000 ft.

 My spot. Nice to be able to water at your tie down!!! Looking east its blue...all day.

 Rick Shepp and Concordia. Below, Dick Butler giving a big wave.

 The SSA website should have daily reports along with scores when the contest starts.

Thanks folks, Best. #711 reporting.