Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nephi Saturday 6/18/2016

First practice day in Nephi starts tomorrow for 3 classes...all National championships...Open....15 Meter.....Standard. Today, many were pulling in. Our new water system is completed, spanked and tested yesterday. The water tank holds 5,000 gals. and everyday the water truck pulls in and refills the tank.
Some flew today, but as you can see by the pictures it was blue. The up coming weather looks promising with rising temps occurring on the first contest day this coming Tuesday.

Enjoy the pictures,  click the pic as it will become big!
 KM, The Sorensons. To the North...been blue all day.

 MM, John and Paul Cordell hanging out the window. To the West...its blue...been that way all day.

 Looking all day with lift maybe 12-13,000 ft.

 My spot. Nice to be able to water at your tie down!!! Looking east its blue...all day.

 Rick Shepp and Concordia. Below, Dick Butler giving a big wave.

 The SSA website should have daily reports along with scores when the contest starts.

Thanks folks, Best. #711 reporting.