Sunday, June 19, 2016

Nephi Sunday 6/19/2016

First practice day for our National Soaring championships for Open, 15 Meter and Standard classes. Today's pilots meeting started at 9 am and went along good with B4, CM Bruno Vassel, opening the meeting. If I heard right, he introduced himself as the "Love boats" public relationship person, but was quickly informed that was "Julie" which then ended that thought.
Ron Gleason then went over some areas for a good review. WX, Walt Rogers, is the weatherman and his briefing was for good conditions. A task was called for all 3 classes, a turn area task, 3 hrs., with 30 mile radius's. Blue.  Check the SSA site for more information. We have 62 folks, 1 guest and 2 sniffers.

What we really need are some flat bottom cu's. Maybe tomorrow but Tuesday, our first contest day, looks.........I do mean this........could be, just might be and probably will be one of the biggest, best simply fastest racing days the world has ever seen or could even hope for. Stayed tuned for more. You can watch along on the tracker. Here's the link
or the SSA website.
Click the pic to make it big. Thanks folks. Best #711.

Looking south....its blue. DB, Dick Butler getting ready.

 MM, John Webers Arcus. Looking west......its blue.

DJ, World Champion Doug Jacobs, and he's happy to be here. He's in the Open Class, flying his 18 Meter Ventus. Me thinks some spanking will be going on to the boys with them 21 meter wings.......just my 2 cents!
The grid looking South.                                                                                                                                        

 The grid looking North.