Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals final wrap...3:42 pm.

Sitting in the RV park, pondering, listening to the rain and thunder, check email and see the CD sent several pictures. Also was wondering if I  called Vinny? At the pilots's meeting today I did tell him by cancelling the contest early, it was saving me money on Vinny.....He also sent several pictures. One of a young man who really stepped forward and worked the line.
What the line crew does everyday is a lot of hard work that starts early. All our tow ropes are run along side the runway and taxi way. Yep 50 or so tow ropes with rings. The cost is expensive. It has to be done as the road which runs east west on the north end is very close and  the trailing ropes would be taking out car windows. Not good. So they are dropped mid field and the tow plane lands and then gets another rope which has been run alongside the runway. The next morning @ 5 am the ground crew goes and gets all them  dropped ropes mid field, lays them out and drags them back alongside the runway in groups of 5. No rope can overlap its neighboring rope. Hope you get that picture and now see the hard work required.

 Trevor doing his "part" for the contest. Many thanks young man, you did a great job and your call on the tow rings was right on! CD explained the difference in a "Tost" ring and another. He found them!           Also, no wing at this contest during launch ever touched the ground!

                                                  About 1:45 pm its getting cloudy.

                                                         @ 3:40 pm its staring
 2 pictures 8/15/2016. Just to confirm the "YA Cancelled the last 2 days because of a little rain"?

Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals 5th day

Within a sailplane's cockpit.

sailplane's cockpit brings more than other's have either seen or felt.
Showing how clouds look from upside down and when turning around. What it's like to have darkness so near yet feeling no fear. Touching the mist which brings glowing warmth within one's soul.   
To share with soaring raptors who have no bounds within their endless sky. 
How freedom feels with flexing wings confined in the tightness of one's own nest.
Who has danced with God in his world, knowing he's only a climb away from ending this day.
To shadow snow covered mountains or see lightning from the darkness of a  heavenly burdened cloud, being where no man has gone before. 
The endless cry's of hunting frigate's who never have a score sheet or "Charlie's gate" calling "good finish Echo 9 left traffic call base".
A sailplane cockpit brings priceless treasure as life now glow's from within this great air adventure. 

Within a sailplane's cockpit.

For a friend, E9, "The Fonz", Godspeed on your new adventure. #711.

Well folks, today's group of introductions went pretty darn good. R9, Roger,  explained how his wife no longer comes to contests and while she was watching the winter Olympics, they  watched the luges event. After that she asked why didn't he take that up as it was more boring than coming to a soaring contest! Also, last time he was in Uvalde, his 4 year old grandson said he was ready to leave Texas and come back to the USA! So see, rehearsing does work as many applause were heard. Then comes P7 and he asked if he could tell a story. Sure, no problem.  @ the 15 Meter Nationals Uvalde years back, DJ loans his LS 6 out to a friend and doesn't come. So, his friend finishes 3rd overall and thanks DJ for not coming during his acceptance speech.  KS, won wins the 15 Meter Nationals, says during his acceptance speech " thank you DJ for loaning your ship out"!!

Now, our CD, Richard, IMHO,  is spending entirely to much time alone in his room. Remember the other day my experiences near TP 24? Being dangerously low? Climbing out with the birds?  Today he calls a 4 hr Multi-TP MAT. Yep, TP 24 is near the end of the day!. Then tells us all to remember that the advisers approved it. twice! Then ends the meeting. WT?? 

Well, we grid @ noon, first launch 12:30 ish. Sniffer launches as the sky looks dead. Not even a feather friend is seen circling. We are baking on the grid. Shortly later, H7, Biff, Standard Class National champion, is landing back toward the grid on the main runway. They turn him around and off he goes again. Now on his way back down he asks where do they wish him to now land? The taxi way as the CD is launching 2 more sniffers off the main runway. No change as they drift back down, one reports a slow climb @1000 agl. The other is hanging on. Now one lands back.  Remember the Notam runs 12- 2 pm on runway closer.  No extensions. Launch is announced at 1:40 pm and as it gets near, the launch is held indefinitely but stay turn. Shortly the day is cancelled as we have to get off the runway. 
Cu are now seen  popping towards the SE thru SW quadrants. Looking towards the North are now towering cu's which all are watching as which way they be moving.

My OAT gauge @ 2:15 pm reads 104 and its getting even hotter out. Tomorrow will now start as Day 5.

Best. #711. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports 4 day notes. Forget Vinney, mad Leprechaun is running lose...

Day 4 pilots meeting started with introductions from the pilots group. First guy fly's his own personal Jet......he forgot his name......I mean the Leprechaun has entered the room. Short time later, the winner of day(Mark and son) 3 passes on his talk and I am asked to explain how I did what I did. Heck, when I win a day it takes me all nite to rehearse what I am going to say at the next days pilot meeting.
I put it together with the famous I's did this, and that's and general stuff. That mad Leprechaun was listening and then followed me out to my glider.

Our CD, Richard, at times, one being today, makes me wonder if he reads this blog. He called a 4 hr 3 turn MAT. At the 3rd turn we were at 160 or so miles, so we had to go fish for the rest. Oh, do read on as I got snagged on the bottom.

Going into that 3rd turn, life was good and was making good speed. Then that mad green hatter did his stuff. My PDA crashed about 4 miles from the TP.  I didn't have the third turn point in my 303 display. Yep, I said that famous word and then I heard a laugh. Hun?  Well, I knew the TP was over the airport. Got the 303 programmed to display where I was at, make the TP. Then went bottom fishing and got snagged. Small snag, didn't break the line, whew ok, climbed out, got reprogrammed and started out again. Shortly after it happened again. Whats that tune for the happy wanderer?

Well, my next bottom fishing trip was over TP 24. Seems like I headed one way when I should of been going another way. Got it sorted out but was down to being dangerously low. A group of our feather friends showed me some lift. Yet, they were below me. Well,  we slowly worked our way back up. Ha, then they out climbed me. That mad Leprechaun was now in his glory.

Still had some time left. So, put the pieces back together and thought I was going to land out again. Didn't happen as it was one of the better climbs of the day. Bad part was it was at the end of the day. I boxed the glider last nite. Locked it up. Today's a rest day and I am going to WalMart and shopping for Leprechaun spray. Seriously.

Scores are up on the SSA website. QT won't be treat or treating this year.

Oh, my daily prize for the 3rd day was a free trip to the famous Bat caves............what the???.

Weather shows  thunder and lighting coming our way in a few days.

Best. #711.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports notes day 3. Vinny is traveling.........

At today's pilot meeting, we were asked to introduce ourselves. When Kerry got to me she asked how long I had been coming to Uvalde. We really didn't need to go their but 30 plus years. Over the years I can say wholeheartedly I have met some outstanding folks who displayed excellent sportsmanship, Today is no different. People are friendly and the hospitality is great. I have and will always feel the place one sits on the score sheet is second to what one can learn about sportsmanship. True in any sport.

Meeting went well with only a few vents from the CD. Some parking issues with both cars and arriving gliders. KS and I are parked next to each other.  After landing we roll right in behind out trailers. Makes it nice. Weather was/is no change. Rising bases as the day progresses. Climbs 4-6 kts. Mid to late afternoon bases were 7-8000 msl. The last turn bases got lower and dry, but we still had wisps which helped show the way home.

Scores are up on the SSA website. We had a 3:30 TAT 3 turn task. Turns being UnoMas (20 miles) Catarina (15 miles) McKinley (15 miles). Looks like the top 15 or so ran pretty close on speeds and distance. Heat index was 109 today. Line crew, tow pilots, pilots, crews all are stepping in and help when needed/able. Consider the mix of gliders and handicaps, the CD is doing a great job. His ad visors are N1K and KMI. He does the tasks the night before..........oh, our grid time was changed to 12 noon as the runway notam was changed to run from 12-2 pm.

Vinny, from Vegas, also reads RAS and has left the USA for a destination which I just yet can't share...........sleep tight ya here.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Notes 2016 Uvalde Sports Vinny's on call.

You know the hit guy from Vegas? Vinny, yep, theirs talk about making a call. . Our host, Kerry, saw a mouse in her office today. We needn't say any more on that splat. Now the CD, well, Richard and I have been friends for many years. Yep, he's flipped out. He called a billion turn MAT with min time of 4 hrs. QT, John Godfey, who has stepped forward...again...doing remote scoring,  loves the sport so much he will be up till Christmas checking logger files.

The pilots meeting was changed to 10 am. Of course P7 and 711 show up at 9:30. We chatted about the cost of getting your glider to AU for the Worlds. Spoke on several issues also. Good stuff. We grid around the same time, 11:45 am and first launch was 12:15 or so. Gate opened 1:45 pm. Of course we  were invited to a Hanger 6 BBQ which starts at 7 pm.

I started 2:16 pm. Drove pretty hard to the first turn. Saw some birds. Am not sure if they were using me to center as me nor them could find the cores until I was half way to the second turn. Around the second turn the cores became more organized.  I woke up and stopped worm burning down low. Then the day went pretty straight forward. 5-7 kt climbs 6-7000+msl. Not a whole lot of streeting but more MC flying on my part. Means when I left a climb I was standing on the rudder da

Then came Hondo, now we can't use our cells for calls while flying. Our CD is lucky here, as I am sure several would of been calling Vinny. But the climbs were good even though it went sorta, ya, blue, but with wisps marking the tops. Maybe best to say it was cycling and you could of gotten low and slow.

A lot of flights on the OLC. Scores on the SSA website. Oh, them thorn bushes I spoke of yesterday....about them leaving the planet? Seems not all of them left as when I made a climb at the first turn, I saw where several are in hiding. It cooled a maybe a degree to 107.

Had some drama on landing. No damage as one did a 180 turn after landing during his rollout on the taxiway. It was perfect! Nite.

Best. #711.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Notes 2016 Uvalde Sports First day is measured, weighted and boxed.

Mandatory Pilots meeting started at 9:30 am. Maybe best to call it the morning show with hosts Kerry and Richard. It went well and combined with the morning daily briefing lasted about an hour. Our CD went over somethings that might ruin your day...gear up landing, flying with one logger that fails just before you finish. Kerry doesn't like snakes..of any kind. Seems the rattlers here have stopped rattling their tails. The wild pigs hear them when they do, not good for the snake. So, we have stealth snakes.

We grid about the right time, 11:45,  first launch was about on time,12:30 and we had clouds all day. As the day progressed bases rose as usual. A bus won again, another bus decided a 3:30 task time was to long, so he flew a 3 hr task. Oh, he won the practice day yesterday.....yep, what is said about winning a practice day has held true once again. The scores are up on the SSA website. Go to the bottom and click the link and the task should be seen.

From half way to the back of the first turn climbs improved and cruise speeds picked up. Going to the second turn was with a cross wind, but climbs were decent.  The second turn was where some of us seem to have slowed as the eastern corner was weak when I arrived. Took longer than I wanted to get gone and head to Leaky. Leaky was now sweet.  A short ways to Leaky the day started to perk again with bases rising. True Texas sky late afternoon.

What came as a surprise is after landing and going to get signed in we have a VIP tent with tables, drinks, treats. Really good treats! Yum yums. Hanger 6 Cafe is really putting on a first class show.

Really no drama to report as even all the landings went well. Tow pilots are great and the ground crew is once again putting on a world class show. Oh, the tie down area is all grass...them thorn bushes have left the planet........we are thankful for that!

Pilots meeting tomorrow 10 am. Then we dance and grid again. Looks like another good day tomorrow. Oh, today's heat index was 109.......nite all.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals

Just maybe should be called new home of the 20 Meter jet set! First practice day? No You Tube videos here as my camera won't work in this heat. It is hot.
Pilots meeting @ 10 am this morning. Went good and was brief. Grid 12:15 and first launch 12:45. Task called is a 3 turn TAT of 3 hrs. South to Big Wells, then to Devine and last being Leaky. First 2 are 15 miles, last is 20. We have clouds and what is the Uvalde norm seems to be happening as bases rise as the day progresses. Best part of day 8000+MSL. 4-6 kt climbs. No OD.

 Our CD. Thanks Richard for stepping forward while everyone else stepped back!
 Short wingers grid main runway.

 Big wingers and self launchers taxiway. Reason, ropes and towplane tow hooks requirements.

I flew yesterday. Eagle pass area and near the border was great other than stronger winds(flights on the OLC). Had several good climbs. Decided to take a break today as we will fly 5-6 days straight. Seeing many friends from past years. It does cool off around 6-7000 msl. Me thinks that's why Texans say....get high, stay high!!! Click the pic to make it big, will do more post as time permits. Check the SSA website for the news and scores.