Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports 4 day notes. Forget Vinney, mad Leprechaun is running lose...

Day 4 pilots meeting started with introductions from the pilots group. First guy fly's his own personal Jet......he forgot his name......I mean the Leprechaun has entered the room. Short time later, the winner of day(Mark and son) 3 passes on his talk and I am asked to explain how I did what I did. Heck, when I win a day it takes me all nite to rehearse what I am going to say at the next days pilot meeting.
I put it together with the famous I's did this, and that's and general stuff. That mad Leprechaun was listening and then followed me out to my glider.

Our CD, Richard, at times, one being today, makes me wonder if he reads this blog. He called a 4 hr 3 turn MAT. At the 3rd turn we were at 160 or so miles, so we had to go fish for the rest. Oh, do read on as I got snagged on the bottom.

Going into that 3rd turn, life was good and was making good speed. Then that mad green hatter did his stuff. My PDA crashed about 4 miles from the TP.  I didn't have the third turn point in my 303 display. Yep, I said that famous word and then I heard a laugh. Hun?  Well, I knew the TP was over the airport. Got the 303 programmed to display where I was at, make the TP. Then went bottom fishing and got snagged. Small snag, didn't break the line, whew ok, climbed out, got reprogrammed and started out again. Shortly after it happened again. Whats that tune for the happy wanderer?

Well, my next bottom fishing trip was over TP 24. Seems like I headed one way when I should of been going another way. Got it sorted out but was down to being dangerously low. A group of our feather friends showed me some lift. Yet, they were below me. Well,  we slowly worked our way back up. Ha, then they out climbed me. That mad Leprechaun was now in his glory.

Still had some time left. So, put the pieces back together and thought I was going to land out again. Didn't happen as it was one of the better climbs of the day. Bad part was it was at the end of the day. I boxed the glider last nite. Locked it up. Today's a rest day and I am going to WalMart and shopping for Leprechaun spray. Seriously.

Scores are up on the SSA website. QT won't be treat or treating this year.

Oh, my daily prize for the 3rd day was a free trip to the famous Bat caves............what the???.

Weather shows  thunder and lighting coming our way in a few days.

Best. #711.