Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals 5th day

Within a sailplane's cockpit.

sailplane's cockpit brings more than other's have either seen or felt.
Showing how clouds look from upside down and when turning around. What it's like to have darkness so near yet feeling no fear. Touching the mist which brings glowing warmth within one's soul.   
To share with soaring raptors who have no bounds within their endless sky. 
How freedom feels with flexing wings confined in the tightness of one's own nest.
Who has danced with God in his world, knowing he's only a climb away from ending this day.
To shadow snow covered mountains or see lightning from the darkness of a  heavenly burdened cloud, being where no man has gone before. 
The endless cry's of hunting frigate's who never have a score sheet or "Charlie's gate" calling "good finish Echo 9 left traffic call base".
A sailplane cockpit brings priceless treasure as life now glow's from within this great air adventure. 

Within a sailplane's cockpit.

For a friend, E9, "The Fonz", Godspeed on your new adventure. #711.

Well folks, today's group of introductions went pretty darn good. R9, Roger,  explained how his wife no longer comes to contests and while she was watching the winter Olympics, they  watched the luges event. After that she asked why didn't he take that up as it was more boring than coming to a soaring contest! Also, last time he was in Uvalde, his 4 year old grandson said he was ready to leave Texas and come back to the USA! So see, rehearsing does work as many applause were heard. Then comes P7 and he asked if he could tell a story. Sure, no problem.  @ the 15 Meter Nationals Uvalde years back, DJ loans his LS 6 out to a friend and doesn't come. So, his friend finishes 3rd overall and thanks DJ for not coming during his acceptance speech.  KS, won wins the 15 Meter Nationals, says during his acceptance speech " thank you DJ for loaning your ship out"!!

Now, our CD, Richard, IMHO,  is spending entirely to much time alone in his room. Remember the other day my experiences near TP 24? Being dangerously low? Climbing out with the birds?  Today he calls a 4 hr Multi-TP MAT. Yep, TP 24 is near the end of the day!. Then tells us all to remember that the advisers approved it. twice! Then ends the meeting. WT?? 

Well, we grid @ noon, first launch 12:30 ish. Sniffer launches as the sky looks dead. Not even a feather friend is seen circling. We are baking on the grid. Shortly later, H7, Biff, Standard Class National champion, is landing back toward the grid on the main runway. They turn him around and off he goes again. Now on his way back down he asks where do they wish him to now land? The taxi way as the CD is launching 2 more sniffers off the main runway. No change as they drift back down, one reports a slow climb @1000 agl. The other is hanging on. Now one lands back.  Remember the Notam runs 12- 2 pm on runway closer.  No extensions. Launch is announced at 1:40 pm and as it gets near, the launch is held indefinitely but stay turn. Shortly the day is cancelled as we have to get off the runway. 
Cu are now seen  popping towards the SE thru SW quadrants. Looking towards the North are now towering cu's which all are watching as which way they be moving.

My OAT gauge @ 2:15 pm reads 104 and its getting even hotter out. Tomorrow will now start as Day 5.

Best. #711.