Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals

Just maybe should be called new home of the 20 Meter jet set! First practice day? No You Tube videos here as my camera won't work in this heat. It is hot.
Pilots meeting @ 10 am this morning. Went good and was brief. Grid 12:15 and first launch 12:45. Task called is a 3 turn TAT of 3 hrs. South to Big Wells, then to Devine and last being Leaky. First 2 are 15 miles, last is 20. We have clouds and what is the Uvalde norm seems to be happening as bases rise as the day progresses. Best part of day 8000+MSL. 4-6 kt climbs. No OD.

 Our CD. Thanks Richard for stepping forward while everyone else stepped back!
 Short wingers grid main runway.

 Big wingers and self launchers taxiway. Reason, ropes and towplane tow hooks requirements.

I flew yesterday. Eagle pass area and near the border was great other than stronger winds(flights on the OLC). Had several good climbs. Decided to take a break today as we will fly 5-6 days straight. Seeing many friends from past years. It does cool off around 6-7000 msl. Me thinks that's why Texans say....get high, stay high!!! Click the pic to make it big, will do more post as time permits. Check the SSA website for the news and scores.