Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports Class Nationals final wrap...3:42 pm.

Sitting in the RV park, pondering, listening to the rain and thunder, check email and see the CD sent several pictures. Also was wondering if I  called Vinny? At the pilots's meeting today I did tell him by cancelling the contest early, it was saving me money on Vinny.....He also sent several pictures. One of a young man who really stepped forward and worked the line.
What the line crew does everyday is a lot of hard work that starts early. All our tow ropes are run along side the runway and taxi way. Yep 50 or so tow ropes with rings. The cost is expensive. It has to be done as the road which runs east west on the north end is very close and  the trailing ropes would be taking out car windows. Not good. So they are dropped mid field and the tow plane lands and then gets another rope which has been run alongside the runway. The next morning @ 5 am the ground crew goes and gets all them  dropped ropes mid field, lays them out and drags them back alongside the runway in groups of 5. No rope can overlap its neighboring rope. Hope you get that picture and now see the hard work required.

 Trevor doing his "part" for the contest. Many thanks young man, you did a great job and your call on the tow rings was right on! CD explained the difference in a "Tost" ring and another. He found them!           Also, no wing at this contest during launch ever touched the ground!

                                                  About 1:45 pm its getting cloudy.

                                                         @ 3:40 pm its staring
 2 pictures 8/15/2016. Just to confirm the "YA Cancelled the last 2 days because of a little rain"?