Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Uvalde Sports notes day 3. Vinny is traveling.........

At today's pilot meeting, we were asked to introduce ourselves. When Kerry got to me she asked how long I had been coming to Uvalde. We really didn't need to go their but 30 plus years. Over the years I can say wholeheartedly I have met some outstanding folks who displayed excellent sportsmanship, Today is no different. People are friendly and the hospitality is great. I have and will always feel the place one sits on the score sheet is second to what one can learn about sportsmanship. True in any sport.

Meeting went well with only a few vents from the CD. Some parking issues with both cars and arriving gliders. KS and I are parked next to each other.  After landing we roll right in behind out trailers. Makes it nice. Weather was/is no change. Rising bases as the day progresses. Climbs 4-6 kts. Mid to late afternoon bases were 7-8000 msl. The last turn bases got lower and dry, but we still had wisps which helped show the way home.

Scores are up on the SSA website. We had a 3:30 TAT 3 turn task. Turns being UnoMas (20 miles) Catarina (15 miles) McKinley (15 miles). Looks like the top 15 or so ran pretty close on speeds and distance. Heat index was 109 today. Line crew, tow pilots, pilots, crews all are stepping in and help when needed/able. Consider the mix of gliders and handicaps, the CD is doing a great job. His ad visors are N1K and KMI. He does the tasks the night before..........oh, our grid time was changed to 12 noon as the runway notam was changed to run from 12-2 pm.

Vinny, from Vegas, also reads RAS and has left the USA for a destination which I just yet can't share...........sleep tight ya here.